Good Morning. Today we are going to a house abandoned, which have told us that
it’s totally intact and it has everything inside and that is fascinating
Enter it Let’s try to get in and show him everything and we’ll try to
find out why the house was abandoned as if they will just leave.
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It helps us a lot to keep going and I don’t entertain you anymore, we start. guys let’s go inside this house as you heard there is someone outside the house said something what did he say?
we will enter there is a wheelbarrow with a hat on top and behind it there is a chair we will continue here here is a bathroom be careful with the roof Look how weird the color of the vessel. It has a window out Look at the shower head, very old iron.
A bucket and mop in place look at the towel and alcohol the shower towel, toilet paper and the hand towel, amazing …. look at that mirror so small having another big one on the floor it might be that they bought it and could never place it, never came back that lamp is from the 70s or so the plug is very old look at the shower tray the bathroom cleaner in place dust like that for what is the jungle nor
to clean view I was as I say it’s amazing that it’s still in place the bathroom is fine, the deterioration is due to the passage of time look at the old keys and the doorknob it shows that people at that time were smaller, look at the height of the doors we will enter to the house watch out for the floor that is made of wood and there may be height spectacular the wooden closet the wooden shelf, watch out here It has fallen, but no one has broken it, it has fallen only by time Ivy has grown inside the house, for years abandoned a shotgun cartridge here is more, keep out of reach of children look, amazing! I just saw something in there incredible That madness, look at the carpets, all are still on, the bed … look at the bedside table with the mat The ladies wove them in the past, look at all the details if you also look over the opening ..
a vase with ornaments how strange that rope it shows that those who lived here were very religious we are seeing many pictures of virgins to hold the curtain look at the bed It is made of wood, it must be over one hundred years old I think it is the virgin immaculate conception look at the spectacular ceiling, look at the lamp look at the details of the bed the curtain is placed on top it’s strange, everything is as if they expected to return to the acasa amazing, look what’s in here! look at the vase that seems to have precious stones what madness the spectacular chair this is incredible, the pictures placed on your site, we are hallucinating with everything here look at the religious pictures the vase is amazing it looks like it has diamonds is incredible Another bouquet All the carpets are on and are very expensive look at the armchairs it seems as if people are going to meet here now It is crazy. Blessed Antonio Maria Claret
canary apostle voices are heard outside a statue of a nun the magazines still in the magazine rack look at the year May 2005 the pictures, look at the faces of the girls They are ancient, look at the candles, lighters this is from someone who stayed here and there a bag with something an old sofa, it seems English go ahead with your big carpet
and all carved what is the sofa like the table look at the detail voices are heard let’s get away from the door let’s go in there the curtain that covered the door look at the bed another bed there is no mattress for moisture look at an old broom look at the old lamp that were used in the 70s or 60s let’s go down to the bottom floor look at the ancient birdhouses and field tools Destroy the antique furniture! a beer and a paper tablecloth there is crabon for some party it’s weird that it’s still there maybe someone came to have a party here fix the curtain from 2013 Someone lived here until 2013 It could be some squat that discovered the house and came to live here come? it was a place of very religious people this came as a gift with a newspaper this is more modern than the house that is
ancient the carved furniture is spectacular, they are all luxury teincreible look at the gas bottle all the glasses are clean inside how weird look at the ceramic forks and the picture the gas bottle cap it’s strange that the cloths are too clean I hope there is no one here however the rest is lying When is the package of chips? October 2019 Someone has come here recently they also approached the house and saw her and entered a bag here this was to cook the corn a bag with tuppers a sofa, with pictures and a barbecue that’s all… look at the glasses and the bookshelf spectacular pictures let’s see this door that had a lock it’s strange Hi come now there is no floor those are pictures of saints, right? I can’t breathe let’s go out close the door I don’t know where it leads I’ll see there are only some collapsed old houses As you always ask, we will try the spirit box app at home to tell me something please are you with us right now? I sound when I approach the Christ Did something happen here? seems to say: “the house” We decided to upload and try the app above did you die in bed? Do you want to talk to only one of us? I can’t understand what he says Who do you want to talk to? say it clearer
please Do you want to talk to Bokine or Jaso? says: “Jaso” With Jaso? talk to her then I hear you Can you tell me something? look, the camera recognizes a face is close to us I’m going to stay out because he says he wants to talk to Jaso don’t be afraid i hear you tell me something seems to say: “yes, yes” yes? incredible take this moment to communicate with me I hear something here yes because you want to talk only with Jaso So far the video today among all subscribers who responded to the
question I asked in the video of abandoned convent I highlight the one of
angels king who tells us: “hello friend, awesome exploration, you made me
fear for you until the last moment, no go alone please and I think there already
they used the ouija board, I feel that Night is really scary to be.
Kisses. “Thank you very much angels and a hug if like her you want your comment
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We slept one night in this abandoned house? Now I will greet five
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the channel. I say goodbye from this house abandoned which still seems to wait
let its owner return, however nobody return to this house
this Christmas. Thank you very much for being part of this great family. and I wait for you in a next video, greetings

100 Replies to “CASA ABANDONADA INTACTA 😮 DEJARON TODO en su INTERIOR 🏠 // Bokine Exploring”

  1. La casa me pareció curiosa, porque había zonas muy deterioradas y otras casi nada.
    Como siempre los felicito por que es un muy buen video. Saludos

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  3. Hijuela chicos!!! Pienso que no deberían de quedarse a dormir en esta casa, no me da buena energía. Saludos y bendiciones!

  4. magnifique dommage nous ne savons pas pourqoi ils ont quitté sans revenir ,où puisqu'il y a des objets nouveau Merci

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  7. Wow que y que tristeza me dio la Soledad que será de la gente.que vivió ahi.gracias muchachos por llevarnos a ver esas casas abandonadas.solo tengan cuidado.un saludo y hasta pronto.😊

  8. Muy buenos días,Jaso y Bokine,que hermosa casa,lastima que haya tantas casas abandonadas y mucha más gente como yo,que no hemos podido adquirir una,quédense en esa casa una noche para que le lleven luz a esa alma en pena, ó que se ha quedado atorada ahí,cuidense mucho,bendiciones y saludos desde México Puebla.

  9. Me pregunto : cual habra sido el motivo por el cual esas personas abandonan esas casas , dejjando todo en su interior ?

  10. Esta casaza está para entrar a vivir…..hasta se vé limpito y ordenado.Es flipante……a tope con vosotros muchachos y si acabaran los abandonos yo os apoyo en lo que filmeis amigos.sois de lujo y Canariones como mi hijo mayor Javi…..un abrazoteeeee os quieroooooo

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  17. Hola Bokine!!! Muchas gracias x el saludo!!!! . Con respecto a la casa está increíblemente intacta (x suerte ) y parece q aún esté esperando a sus dueños. Una verdadera pasada ,sigue así , me encanta disfrutar vídeos. Besos mil!!! Y ahí va mi like . Ah x siempre🙋

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  28. Que casa simpática!E esse vaso é muito bonito,.Eu fico tentando imaginar a fisionomia das pessoas que viveram aí,e vem sempre a pergunta:Cadê essa família? Belo trabalho o de vocês.

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  38. Impresionante casa y exploración, gracias chicos por compartir me gustaron las alfombras el techo, curioso que había poca humedad.

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