CC) ANTIQUE MARKET IN TORONTO 저랑 캐나다 안티크마켓 같이 쇼핑해요!

I’m heading to the Antique market right now I’ve been wanting to show you guys the market for a long time I’m in Toronto and the market is open every Sunday I go and purchase things time to time I’ll show you the Antique market very soon! my sister was interested in this dish I was thinking to get this mug but too expensive 🙁 Looking for vintage baking books so cute I’m heading home now (sister’s home) we were hungry so got some burger & fries look so yummy! I actually purchased some stuff from the market nothing special though It was really cheap (yay!) I’ll show you First of all, this one! vintage tin The flowers are so beautiful! It says over here, It was $2.50 isn’t this so pretty? well, it’s super dirty inside lol I think I can use it for youtube I had to get it! lol next Well you know me I’m obssesed with baking bowls If I see them, I’m like, I need them so I got them this time too Pyrex vintage bowl I don’t have bowls with this pattern It was a set of 3 the biggest medium the smallest It’s Pyrex all of it It was $30 all It’s super reasonable normally it’s already $20~25 for one bowl but it was only $30 all together so I had to take all! these ones are my sister’s she wants to put it on the wall it’s a vintage ad from an old magazine she’ll decorate her room with this Since it’s the biggest Antique market in Toronto some of them are overpriced they put high price for nothing really special for these bowls as well the price is really on them This was really cheap Sometimes they put the price like $30 or 40 even I get hesitated but if it’s rare or if you want it so bad well you gotta buy it right? lol I’m heading home after I hung out with my sister Normally I take the bus from the subway station but today I’m walking home The weather is great. It’s not so hot The sunset is beautiful as well so i decided to walk home I’m finally home! It’s getting dark I take the bus from the station It’s 3 stops proximately It takes only like 3 minutes If you walk, it takes around 10 minutes I’m taking the bus 99% lol Since I’m working in the kitchen, I really don’t want to walk anymore after work That’s why I take the bus all the time but today, I felt like walking I had a camera and the sunset looked so beautiful I found so much beauty on the street while I was walking I tried to film everything I could and what else? I want to talk about… the Antique market! If you have a plan to visit Toronto or if you live here you should check out the Antique market even if you are not buying anything it’s fun to look around the market I really recommend it and you can negotiate the price in the market I ask for the discount politely when I buy several items at the same time or if it’s overpriced and you get a discount surprisingly so it’s worth negotiating (why not right?) I think this is pretty much it I’ll show you a second hand shop next time It’s based on donation and sell it with reasonable price It’s not so easy to find rare or pretty items but if you are lucky, you’ll find something you really like like the bowl I got today, it can be just $5 I’ll show you guys the shop next time Thank you for watching today! See you next time with a baking video! bye!

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  1. 처음 보여주신 꽃 양철 바구니 너무너무 귀여워요ㅠㅠ 선데이님이 사신 것들 다 너무 예쁘게 생겼네요!!

  2. 안틱마켓 너무 가고 싶어요ㅠ
    파이렉스 볼들 진짜 득템이네요!!
    벌써 다른 중고물품가게 소개 영상이 기다려지네요

  3. 와 안티크마켓이 생각보다 크네요! 빈티지 정말 좋아요! 중고마켓 같은 곳에 가서 맘에 쏙드는 물건을 보면 보물을 발견하는 느낌…! 브이로그 정말 재밌어요ㅎㅎ 캐나다에 가고싶네요!

  4. 앤틱마켓구경 재밌게 했네요~ 저도 가끔 베이킹을 빌미로 이것저것 산답니다~ ㅋㅋ 앤틱에는 관심이 없었는데 썬데이님 영상보면서 앤틱에 관심을 갖게 되었네요? 좋은영상 감사해요~
    전기줄 신발걸린것은 미국이나 캐나다나 같네요~~?

  5. 파이렉스 볼 귀엽고 정말 실용적일 것 같아요!!! 여행가면 저런 마켓 구경하는 거 좋아해서 늘 찾아가는데 토론토도 언젠가 가봤으면 좋겠네용>.<

  6. 안티크마켓 넘나 재밌어보여요! 생각했던 거보다 더 다양한 물건들이 있네요:-) 캐나다 동네 풍경도 예뻐서 힐링되는 영상이예요! 감사해요

  7. 안녕하세요! 혹시 바닐라펄 페이스트를 캐나다에서는 뭐라고 하는지 아신다면 답병 부탁드려도 될까요? 바닐라빈 씨만 긁어서 파는건대 캐나다 아마존이나 사이트에서는 씨와 리퀴드를 섞은 제품들만 있어서 여쭤봐요… vanilla bean past보다 씨가 많은 들은것을 찾고 있어요ㅜ 혹시 아신다묜 조언 부탁드립니다~

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