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Celebrities who love vintage Rolex watches. Spotlight on: famous vintage Rolex collectors. In today’s world of mass-produced items
and Insta-fame, people are veering towards the rare, special, and intensely personal. Vintage watches are surely among them. It used to be that watches were simply a status
symbol, but we are seeing an increased level of interest in a watch’s history and provenance,
even among younger collectors. Many celebrities are known for their iced-out
and opulent watch collections, but there are also a growing number of them whose interest
lies in storied, hard-to-find pieces, and the gratification of finally owning a particular
watch. John Mayer, Orlando Bloom, and Adam Levine
have some of the best vintage Rolex collections out there. Which watches are part of their collection?
Stay tuned to find out! John Mayer is not just a Grammy winning, singer-songwriter. He’s also a known watch collector, tastemaker,
and critic, with a vast collection of Holy Grail watches. His collection is estimated to be worth tens
of millions, and of course, he has to have one of the most coveted Rolexes ever – the Rolex
“Paul Newman” Daytona. He wears a reference 6264 (six-two-six-four),
with a white outer minute track, instead of the usual red. This feature alone is sure
to get attention from the most hardcore collector! While Paul Newman Daytonas are increasing
in popularity, John has also developed an interest in non Newman vintage Daytonas. Check out these reference 6269 (six-two-six-nine)
and 6270 (six-two-seventy) Daytonas. The diamond encrusted watches may not be edgy like the
Paul Newman, but these marked the first time Rolex produced the Daytona as a luxury watch. John also has a lot of Rolex Submariners in
his collection, but this is the most unique yet. The reference 5514 (five-five-one-four) was
made for a French dive company called COMEX in the 1960s. It features a beautiful matte dial, and the
markers have that gorgeous patina that only age can bring. Rounding out John’s vintage Rolex collection
is this really cool, Rolex Submariner reference 6200 (sixty-two-hundred). This 1954 model
is famous for its Explorer style, 3-6-9 dial, that doesn’t have the Submariner signature. Note also the 8 millimeter big Brevet crown
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on new videos! If John is well-known in the watch scene,
Orlando Bloom is a quiet watch collector. In 2009, his watches were almost lost forever
in a much publicized robbery in his home – thankfully, he was able to retrieve them. The collection includes one of Rolex’s longest-running
models in it: the GMT-Master 1675 (sixteen-seventy-five) with a red and blue bezel, more popularly
known as the “Pepsi”. The 1675 is the second generation of the Rolex
GMT-Master, where important changes were made. The use of aluminum to replace the Bake Lite
insert bezel, and the introduction of crown guards. Orlando also has the Rolex Explorer reference
1016 (one-zero-one-six). This is a favorite of many collectors, as
it defines the classic Explorer watch. Check out the inverted triangle at 12 o’clock,
the Mercedes hands, and of course, the supremely legible 3-6-9 numerals. An enduring design,
indeed. The Rolex Milgauss is not a popular choice
among vintage collectors, but this particular reference is. Orlando has the reference 6543 (six-five-four-three)
– the very first model of the Milgauss family. It was launched in the mid-1950s, boasting
the ability to resist magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. A trailblazer for its time! If Orlando is discreet, Maroon 5 frontman,
and The Voice judge Adam Levine, is not shy about wearing his standout collection. He wore a different watch on the show each
week, and it was the perfect opportunity to show off his vintage Rolexes. Among his solid collection of cool and historically
significant pieces, is a trio of Rolex Paul Newman Daytonas. He has the very popular reference 6263 (six-two-six-three)
in classic Panda dial, and reverse Panda dial. At center, we have a 14k yellow gold reference
6264 (six-two-six-four) with a black dial, which was only produced for one year. When Adam likes something, he collects them
in many variants. We get to his other favorite Rolex model – the Rolex President Day-Date. He favors the colorful lacquered dial models
from the 1970s, which have become known as ’Stella Dials’. He has a Platinum calendar Day-Date reference
1804 (eighteen-oh-four) with a blue lacquered dial, and diamond hour markers. His yellow gold Stella dials are the reference
1803 (eighteen-oh-three) – with quirky Pink and leafy green dials. These bright, almost
neon stella dials are some of the most rare, so they are highly valued. A Rolex Submariner won’t be missing from
Adam’s collection of course – and he has one of the coolest models. Look closely. You’ll notice that the reference
6538 (six-five-three-eight) or ’Big Crown’ comes with an oversized crown, and no crown
guards. This makes it unique and is certainly a feature collectors look for. Rounding out his collection is the Rolex GMT
Master reference 16718 (sixteen-seven-one-eight). The full yellow gold, black dial GMT Master
comes with a Jubilee bracelet. A stunning combination that makes it quintessentially
vintage. Majority of celebrities choose to adorn their
wrists with Rolex’s latest offerings. But John, Orlando, and Adam sure have a passion
for rare and storied Rolex watches. Which one was your favorite?
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