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Barbara Eigen on Studio Dinnerware I’ve been making pottery for more than twenty
five years at the studio level, I also used to teach ceramics at, um I lived in costa rica for five years and
taught ceramics there and I decided to specialize in pottery for food,
for serving food. Nature is a big inspiration for me, and I do a lot of shapes that reflect nature, including shapes that are taken from nature
like pumpkins and leaf dishes and things like that. So it starts with the clay, and uh making the first models, we use either
white clay or red clay and it’s a plastic clay so that we can model it either on the wheel
or by hand. Some of the pieces in the collection actually are hand-built, like the canoe is hand-built. The footed cake stand I remember when I first made that
when someone told me that they loved it because it was all kind of uneven and I said well that’s because I throw
a little bit off on the wheel, but that’s the appeal of it
and also it’s like not perfect, it has its own character, and actually the production that we’re doing now for this collection for pottery
barn you’ll see those little variations and quirks
in both the colors and the shapes, I don’t think any two pieces are exactly alike which is the charm of it. I make them on the wheel and then we make
a mold of that one and see where it’s going and how it looks, what’s how do I know it’s right is just by firing
it and using it actually, take it home put food on it, put it in the dishwasher, see
if it feels like it’s working. I think these shapes, because they’re so simple
and organic, they suggest a handmade craft pottery feeling as well as I think they would
go in with someone’s home who’s modern aesthetic or traditional classic aesthetic so
we’re constantly experimenting with colors. The cream, the cocoa, and the putty color, they’re very soft,
neutral sort of earth-material color. I like the idea of mixing them up because the colors are kind of in a neutral
earth-tone family. People can decide how they want to do it so you can get a whole
set of dinner ware in cream which would be the quietest way of doing it
I guess. Another way would be to layer it, like dinner plates and cream salads and putty in the bowls and cocoa or the reversed because of the neutral feeling of the colors and shapes Pottery Barn

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