Ceramic Two-Piece Vase : Ceramic Two-Piece Vase: Tools & Materials

Okay, so now we’ve wedged up our clay for
this two part vase that we’re about to make. Two part vase as you can gather from the word,
consists of two parts of clay. The reason we do this is because as you can see with
the regular vase here, tall front in one part. Now, for beginning throw, oftentimes it can
be hard to have enough clay up top to throw the top section of a vase. And even for the
experience throw, using two parts, we can get, we can make a much bigger form and make
a much bigger top to the vase. And it just allows you to throw different shapes and variety
of different forms with this two part system. The general things you’re going to need to
throw this are your wire tool; we’re going to need a measuring device, just one to figure
out, you know, how to, how to attach the top and the bottom together, we want them to fit
so we’re going to want this. We’re going to want some ribs for throwing. There’s lots
of different varieties of ribs, these are the basic form we’ll be throwing is this,
these two here. You’re going to want a variety of sponges for throwing and also, it’s handy
to have a sponge on the stick like this for dubbing any excess water out from inside your
pot. For trimming purposes, we are going to want some of these trimming tools. And both
I’m going to show you how to use this when we get time to trim. And we also going to
want this pin tool, which is for use with lots of different things, from scoring the
clay when it comes time to slip and score, attach the two pieces together and also for
trimming the pot to center that, then we’ll show you how to use this later for those different
parts to process. Right now we are going to prepare bats or wheels who needs this, which
are bats, which is what the clay goes onto, go into wheel. And next, I’m going to show
you how to prepare your bats, to put the clay onto and after that we’ll do the centering
and we’ll get to all of that in just a moment.

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