Ceramic Vase Decorations : Ceramic Vase Line Decorations

Another way to use tools for surface decorating
is just to use the common tools you did throwing the piece. This one’s my favorite. It’s got
this cool edge and can do a really thin line or it can do a really thick line depending
what edge of the tool you use. As you see here I’ve actually drawn some lines in so
let me add some more. I’ll use the wheel slowly. Hold the piece, or the tool, whatever you’re
using, very steady. That gives you way more control than loosely holding any tool. And
freely just make a design that’s interests. Sometimes I’ll speed up and make a quicker
design, but it’s a very loose, fun, intuitive way to decorate your surface. What I try to
do is continue the same decoration I’ve used on this piece in my other pieces that way
the series looks good together and has a consistency feel. Let me show you how it looks with the
large surface being used. You can see it gives you a deeper, a deeper texture.

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