Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone

I think it’s here okay now see what haha
you know this is Jay Metcalf here with another better sex video this week we’ve
gone over 30,000 subscribers here on the YouTube channel so hey thanks for all
your continued support if you’re not already subscribed and now is a great
time to get yourself subscribed after last week’s video comparing the four
great professional tenor saxophones I got a lot of people asking me to do a
comparison between a cheap horn because you know a lot of people are wanting to
buy saxophone but they don’t have thousands of dollars to get something of
a professional quality so I decided to put my money where my mouth is I bought
this saxophone off of Amazon it costs two hundred and seventy dollars it’s the
cheapest one available that is available both in North America and Europe so in
this video I’m going to first unbox this thing show you everything that comes
inside the case then I’m gonna put the leak light down it and we’re gonna check
and see how well the pads are sealing I’m gonna give a quick look over the
mechanism and how well it’s built and then I’m gonna play test it and put it
up against my yanagisawa A991 alto saxophone which is a professional horn
and just about as good as it gets when it comes to alto saxophone we’re gonna
open her up just you know this was actually shipped in a box that was not
the actual delivery this on outside says Slade designed by USA what is designed
by USA mean? the outside pocket here there’s a top handle
okay you can add backpack straps that will be on the inside I’m sure oh it’s
got these feet on the bottom swab comes with it over here you’ve got another
swab this is like a neck and mouthpiece pumpkin is like a microfiber cloth
perfect one less thing to buy mouthpiece brush next strap it’s got everything you
need you don’t need to get a neck strap as well this is the gloves the gloves
are come with every Chinese saxophone or instrument Wow
why do we have gloves anybody from China who watches me please in the comments
below tell me why you guys have gloves with all your instruments like I would
never play a saxophone with gloves because I would think I would lose a
grip on the keys and everything but maybe it’s maybe I should try it
these are my these are the nicest gloves I’ve ever seen in the Chinese history I
don’t like them polishing cloths this thing looks like it’s some sort of mute
of course you got some reeds and okay here are the backpack straps finally we
get to the mouthpiece and it has a reed attached to it and a ligature a linkage
is wow it was really on there tight it’s like a copy of a Selmer C star design
but it’s probably plays terrible but we’ll try it out you know just to make
sure I don’t have much high hopes for those reeds the neck this this comes in
two finishes there’s one that’s more like a reddish brass bronze sort of
color which is the one I got and then there’s another one that’s more of them
without the red okay now the saxophone haha there you go you know what I mean it may be it’s a
little bit it’s a little bit maybe to read and went out maybe the other color
you’re good but it looks it has that kind of sort of a vintage vibe to it
check out the key pearls the pearls are like this kind of cool psychedelic but
if that doesn’t bother me I’m sure they’re not pearls I’m sure there’s
plastic all of the keys are wedged closed for shipping which is standard
for all new saxophones you wedge the keys close it keeps the seats on the
pads first step is take out all of these wedges inside of this horn is this this is the
important part the end plug I’m not a big fan okay everything you need to get
started it’s you know for 270 bucks if this thing plays well serious bargain
let’s put the leak light down there and see no adjustment like that that I’m
just trying to make right there on the old Chinese x1 I would have already
broken the thing so overall after putting the leak light down this to my
surprise I guess the horn seems to be sealing pretty well I’m gonna quickly
just check the mechanisms and how see if there’s play okay so I can’t even hear
that that’s the B key a little bit of play there he is alright
she is okay F F sharp or okay D has a bit of play one more thing that’s that’s
an issue for me on these Chinese horns in the past there’s been the key corks
it’s the sort of thing that if within the first week you got keys key corks
going off then you got the really like on these feet these feet here so I’m
gonna just quickly with my fingernail see if that one comes off or anything no
it seems to be on there reasonably well they this horn came with a lot of
accessories but it one thing very important that it did not come with is
cork grease no I’ve got my neck here I’ve got my mouthpiece I don’t even have
any cork grease here in my studio so here’s a quick and dirty trick if you
don’t have cork grease saliva tastes like a Chinese factory I
want to see of their own mouthpiece that came with the horn fits the mouthpiece
actually plays okay not a great fit the neck into the neck ten minutes already
see like tight coming out to focus on that this is something you want to wipe
that clean it might be dust on there also you got to be careful when you
don’t get a good fit turning this tenon inside the receiver over and over that
you’re not going to mess up this mechanism here you’re gonna want to take
a nice cloth and make sure you clean that and I clean out the receiver any
little bit of dirt or dust in there is gonna affect how well this SEOs you can
also put some cork grease on there to help that go in smoother I’m gonna
record the first notes this is straight out of the box no adjustments to the
keys or the pads and using the mouthpiece that comes with that I’ve got
my ligature and my read on there okay that’s surprisingly good
that’s almost shockingly good I mean this is their mouthpiece mouthpiece and
I played I mean I played out altissimo B for 270 dollars it doesn’t look half bad
either okay I’ve got my eye moon alto saxophone bought on Amazon for $270 and
my professional yanagisawa alto saxophone the new version of this being
sold today goes for $4,500 I’m gonna play the same thing on both of them you
listen carefully with your headphones you’re good speakers and let me know in
the comments below how they stack up for you so there you have it
I think this sound difference is pretty clear
however this saxophone costs like four thousand five hundred dollars new and
this one costs two hundred and seventy dollars so you do the math you can get a
great sound out of this it plays over the whole range no problem it plays in
tune and with a good mouthpiece and Reed setup you know I can play this and you
know unless I played this one right after it you mean like yeah that sounds
pretty good this is something that just didn’t exist a while back a totally
legit student instrument for two hundred and seventy dollars and that includes a
playable mouthpiece Reed’s neck strap the cleaning supplies a case if you’re
looking for a saxophone to get started with and you’ve got a budget of around
three hundred dollars I can recommend you go on Amazon you pick up one of
these if you do decide to buy one of these saxophones please use the
affiliate links that I’ve put in the description below I get a small
commission if you use that link at no extra charge to you but then I can take
that money and put it into making more videos like this one if you got some
value out of this video go ahead and click the thumbs up button and if you’re
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channel share this with anyone else who may be interested see you again soon in
another better sax video maybe one of these over here

100 Replies to “Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone”

  1. The cheaper one definitely has a sharper shorter tone where as the professional sax has a smoother more mellow tone

  2. You got lucky. Of course the Yanigasawa sounds better, but the cheap one played just fine. I made the experiment when saxophones were on sale at a retail store for 180€ or so… 2/3 were just completely unplayable, I used my mouthpiece and reeds, but they just didn't seal. One of them played alright.
    For anybody who wants to give the sax a shot, and wants to buy a cheap one, just to try it, I have one advice: Get your hands on somebody who actually knows how to play and let them test your new instrument! They will be able to tell you within seconds if your instrument is playable. If you get a bad apple, you'll just come to the conclusion: "Well, I guess it's not for me," when really, you never had a chance in the first place.

  3. well for me the one although sounding really good for what it is, sounds a little open on the high end res…. The more expensive one just sounds a little fuller and rounded… but hell for 270 i dont think youd have an issue. good starting sax

  4. One reason why most of us use gloves is because we wouldn't want to dirty the instrument.Hands have a lot of oils and dirt on them so we like to ensure that our instruments are as clean and shiny as possible. Because most of the time we are using the instruments for performances,usually not for our own entertainment.

  5. Hated this video. Why does he have to be so condescending? He originally thinks the 270$ is just trash only cuz it’s chinese? Seems to be he’s quite racist. I know ppl think of chinese products = bad quality but it isn’t the case for most of the time. There’s all kind of different qualities in Chinese products.

  6. I always wanted to learn the saxophone. I think I'm getting myself one for either Christmas or my birthday in March.

  7. The pro sax is way more warm and velvety. The cheap sax is tinny and grows fangs on the high notes. BUT, for the price it's a fair substitution. Never forget that a pro player like you will make any instrument sound good. It's never the instrument – always the talent, and you my friend are a very talented man!

  8. Good way of wasting a couple thousands for the same thing…even if they don't sound exactly the same straight out the box a little bit of eq fixes everything

  9. The Cheaper one definitely has a
    more sharper sound but does NOT sound bad at all! $4,500 is incredibly expensive but I guess you’re also paying for durability and quality? Maybe? Idk, I don’t play sax lol

  10. Yanagisawa has a slightly reverb effect and the sound spreads out. It is certainly 17 times higher than this, but I think this is due to the accumulation of such technologies and the margin of distribution channels.

  11. Just bought one of the cheap ones! I'm too broke to pay the minimum of $1,000 for a professional sax and all I want to do with it is have fun playing memes and hobby busking in the city, fingers crossed it wasn't a terrible impulse buy!

  12. The cheap one was great, yours was better, it had a creamy bass quality to it the other didn't, but for someone just learning the cheap one was not cheap on the price to quality …

  13. No suena mal el sax de Amazon. Pero sin duda tú pro suena con mucho más peso solo eso pero en si no hay mucha diferencia ahora sería cuestión de cómo te sientas con las notas más altas

  14. Never touched a sax and don't usually listen to it but can tell the pro one has a clearer sound. Not a huge difference, but perceptible. Besides the difference in sound, I guess the pro one will last a lifetime, whereas the Chinese one will probably have problems soon enough.

  15. I don’t play sax or listen to sax so I might just be imagining things, but it seems to me like the $4500 sax handles the higher notes better, and I notice less squeak overall.

    The Amazon sax handles the mid-notes just fine, but pushing the high or lows of the range will bring out some squeaking

  16. The reason for white gloves is band performing especially in military requires it. None of the bands I joined require about it, but I think it is a policy in military. You can see this

  17. The professional one sounds better for sure, but I have to say that cheaper one has an almost weathered kind of noir esque sound to me like I could be in an old diner with a cigarette staring out into the rainy city kind of feel.

  18. There’s definitely a difference, the professional sax does have a slighter richer sound to it, the notes carry a little bit longer. But other than that the cheap sax sounds fantastic, for an amateur player or someone who just can’t pay 4.5k it’ll do just fine

  19. My wife and his lovley mother said the 270 $ sounds better … My opinion is…. the 270 $ sounds better ….. Cant lie ….

    Help me ….

  20. There is only 1 major problem I hear. The clarity of sound is better in the professional. But otherwise the amazon sax is worth it for beginners! It doesn’t sound half bad.

  21. Definite difference in sound. The cheap one is raspier and doesn't have the "mellow" tone of the pro sax.

    I played sax way back in high school, and while I didn't figure on a career, I loved playing it. The alto can have a rock, jazz or even a haunting sound, depending on the song. I used to love playing "Amazing Grace" down by the river, the sound over the water was beautiful.

    If I wanted to start fooling around with one again, or a person who just jammed with friends on the weekend, or if I had a kid who changed their mind every week about what they wanted to try, the cheap one would be perfect.

    if I was in a band, then pro is the way to go.

  22. If you are good at like embouchure and control you can make and sax sound good (btw nice playing I hope to be as good as you one day)

  23. Quite impressive that the Chinese factories that can mass produce almost anything or a inexpensive price but with a fair amount of quality i was a Woodworker professionally for over 20 years and a hobbyist for longer it used to be almost all the tools and products that. The Chinese manufactured were cheap copies of items that were tops in my industry usually something that had a patent expire and they just figured a way to build everything for less money. That is not the case these days and many of the current products are actually setting the bar on quality for many other companies producing that product or tool Those Chinese products aren’t any longer frowned upon as they are capable of manufacturing a pretty decent product with consistent quality control. If they are paid to adhere to the customers demands in my opinion they are smart business people who saw a oppurtunity and took advantage of it As a American i do think its sad that our Country lost. Its place in manufacturing products for. The world but in many ways Americans allowed it to happen to themselves by not working hard enough to retain that position

  24. why is a an alto sax $4500 in the first place ?……. a $270 alto sax sounds just as good. if your $4500 alto sax gets stolen, damaged or lost, what then?. if your $270 alto sax gets stolen, damaged, or lost, get another one. remember john coltrane played a plastic sax in his albums, and live gigs…

  25. Why do you make such sacarstic comments about Chinese made products? You paid $200+ for a sax and comment about some of the mechanisms are wobbly. Well of course!!! It's only $200!!! Stop making fun of Asian products. Jokes on you for paying $$$ for your sax that sounds as cheap as a $200 sax. I would not have given a bad comment, if you had not picked on Asian products. But you did and to me you are just racist.

  26. I think the professional sax has a bit lower tone adjustment than the other one. But honestly the one that was bought in amazon sounds pretty cool as well.

  27. The professional sax sounds much better and the tone is centered. The cheap sax sounds a bit too bright in my opinion.

  28. The professional one seems to hit the higher keys much more smoothly than the amazon but honestly not bad for price

  29. the gloves are for cleaning it's so that your oil from your skin does not get on to the saxophone after you clean out the inside of it

  30. The professional one has a broader tone rather than the cheap amazon one, it still sounds good really good in fact for that cheap but still tone isn’t as broad or big

  31. I played the sax ones is grade 6. Turns out I’m allergic to wood so I got tones of blisters from the reed

  32. I'm from China and I want to tell you my opinion about the gloves.
    I don't play saxphone with gloves and I've never seen anybody else do that.
    Days ago, I bought a saxphone from Taobao. I feel stringe when I find a pair of gloves in the case.
    "Why I need a pair of gloves?"
    Than I have a guess: A brand new saxphone looks delicate, a man who just got a brand new Saxophone certainly doesn't want his fingerprints to stain the saxophone.
    SO!! The merchant give a pair of gloves to customer, hope customers will make good comments on the service
    This pair of gloves maybe not necessaryfor user, but its reasonable for the merchant, after all, it's cheap.

  33. I put my headphones on and closed my eyes and I thought you were playing just one Sax 🎷 and when you were finished, I thought you were going to play the next one I had no clue you were switching back and forth 😂 😂

  34. The one that is more expensive, the sound is very high quality, you feel soft and velvety in sound.

  35. Well friene, the amazon sax has a "grittier" sound, the pro sax is "fatter" sound and much smoother. It's subtle and a non-musician may not hear the difference, but to a musician we can hear it definitely. Now, I'm not saying the cheap sax sounds bad, it's great for an amateur.

  36. Watching this guy compare cheap vs expensive saxes made me realize that it really doesn't matter what sax you play but it's how experienced the player is. If you have a good sound developed on a sax, it doesn't really matter what brand you play on.

  37. I’m really seeing much of a sound difference (if any) but I think it would be easier to tell if I was in the same room as him. And I actually could play the saxophone

  38. The Amazon sounded a little more 'sharp' to me, sort of like pins/needles sharp. With my eyes closed I picked up when they were switched – also thought the expencive one carried a slightly more soothing full body tone. Could be a new reed in the mouthpiece.?

  39. Why am I here I’m a trumpet player
    Since my fellow friend plays tenor saxophone I’m just watching this stuff he’ll be doing

  40. The cheap one has a brighter tone. The expensive one has a darker, smoother, richer tone. I like the sound of the expensive one better, but they both sound amazing 😂

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