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  1. Hes like 2 feet tall. And all this time, through all the people he's hurt, they could never just punt him across the room or something?

  2. Chucky looked the scariest in this one. They should’ve kept the same design for the new movie. It was good though

  3. The voodoo teacher says that chucky used vooodoo magic for evil and thats why he wont help him,,,, well duh thats what voodoo magic is for, EVIL PURPOSES. voodoo magic is used for evil purposes What did he expect????

  4. People who thought the line "I have a date with a six-year-old-boy" is inappropriate are dirty minded. When I first heard it I first thought he means he's gonna hang out with a kid just like when you heard a grandpa saying he had a date with his grand kids.

  5. Why did he give chuck the answer, he should have known he wouldn’t have been killed since chuck needed him

  6. They could have least made the knife look more realistic…I know this was made in the '80s, but c'mon…

  7. This movie so far ahead of it's time. Absolutely LOVE this movie. The technology with this doll was so lifelike, after the 3rd one the dolls went to crap, and now we see a trash doll in the new one.

  8. He can easily transfer his soul into a doll. Meaning the soul is not bound to the flesh (human vessel) whatsoever. Yet, remaining in the doll will bind the soul and flesh together, so much so the doll starts to resemble the human vessel the soul possessed before transferring into the doll, which implies that the soul and flesh are bound together.

  9. 0:51 6 year old me waiting for my mom to stop using the phone so I can show her the pinecone found.

  10. Look how scary and real this chucky is. Now that voice and that chucky and realness is surreal. We need everyone envolved in the original. They would make more than ever! It's about money right well you need quality! This was the cream of the crop.

  11. Gotta admit the old version of chucky is the best. The latest on looks like they've been to Kardashian's doctors to get botox and stuff.

  12. You devil's are a abomination, an outrage against Nature!!! Everything we've taught you, you used it for for evil and manipulation!!! You lie and say you're our friends to the end .. God loves everybody! Chucky represents thee entire "white race" !!!!!

  13. Wait so do the rules change? Because after a while he stopped looking for Andy and once he found Tiffany again they both made a plan that they would soul transfer into bodies of celebrities but in this it says it has to be the person you first revealed yourself to. I am confusion😔

  14. Him and Freddy are my top two movies of my childhood the best affects ever less CGI didn't look fake , Chucky was more than life scary up until the 3rd film

  15. How awesome would that be to be 6 and be totally an adult… actually it might suck, but at least school wouldn’t be an issue. Lol

  16. chucky:u got me into this
    u get me out
    john: I can't do that chucky
    chucky: why not
    john: because your an abomination a raise against nature 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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