Chinese Antique Buffets

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And I’m here today to talk about buffets. First question, what’s the difference between
a buffet and a chest? Well my thought is that a buffet tends to be much longer and it tends
to be a place that’s replete with storage also with the opportunity to use the top as
a serving station or for anything else you might want to put on top of it. This buffet
really is very long. it has five drawers on the top over three sets of doors. This buffet is one of my personal favorites.
I like it because of the wonderful figure in the elm wood that has been used and also
because of the beautiful carvings in the panels. This buffet has also been modified so that
it’s easier to get in down below. Let me show you what the modifications are. The door originally
ended right here. So it meant if someone wants to store something they had to reach behind
because this was a fixed panel. But this has been modified so that it opens
thereby enabling somebody to reach to the back. These kinds of accommodations are very
frequently found in Chinese countryside furniture just to adapt them to more modern use. This
buffet does not have any drawers. It is smaller in size than the other two you have seen thus
far and has restored, very vivid painting. In the next buffet I will show you one where
the paint has not been restored. This buffet, again one without drawers, shows the original
paint, very, very faded but you can see it on each one of the doors. Again, in this buffet
the doors have been modified. This was a panel originally now turned into
a door to more easily access the inside of the buffet towards the end. This is another
buffet with original painting. It isn’t anywhere near as faded as one of the other ones I showed
you. Again, the doors have been modified as I showed you before but interestingly enough
no drawers have been made from the bottom panels. Frequently drawers have been made of those
panels just to add to the storage space in the buffet. And you have seen in this video
buffets that are relatively simple. You have seen buffets that are relatively more ornate.
You have seen buffets that have been refinished. And you have seen buffets with paint both
restored and original. I hope you have enjoyed watching it. Please go to our Web site at, sign up for our newsletter so that we may alert you of
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