Chinese Antique Stools

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We’re here today in our continuing series of videos to talk about stools. Now how do
I define or differentiate a stool from a bench? The difference as far as I’m concerned for
my purposes is a stool is so that one person can sit. A bench is so that two people can
sit or two or more people can sit. There are huge numbers of varieties of stools and we’re
trying to show you some of them today. There is a formal stool with picture frame
molding, very refined architecture of the stool itself. Notice the coin which supports
the medial stretcher with the top. This type of stool is used in American households basically
as end tables or occasional tables. Another example of a formal stool is shown here, again
with picture frame molding and a decorative rattan top. This rattan top is unlike a cane
seated chair that we would have in the United States in that the bottom of the stool top
is wood and the rattan is purely decorative. More casual stools also can show elements
of fabulous design. This has a design carved in the apron. A simple stool, a casual stool,
not at all formal but an attempt made to add some decoration to actual functional stool
itself. In this stool, the design is in the top itself, a half moon stool. This stool
is perfectly round, very thick wood with traces by the way, actually lots of original paint.
This stool has a curved seat. And you can see the curvature in the seat. Also judging
by the wear I would say that this stool had been left out a lot. And finally this stool is a special purpose
stool. It is a barber’s stool. If you wanted to get a haircut in China, you as the person
getting the haircut would sit on this stool and the barber would keep his tools in the
drawers of this stool. This concludes our video on stools. Please visit our Web site, sign up for our mailing list so that you can be alerted
of our future videos and updates to our site. Thanks so much for watching.

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