Chipping och antik look – Milkpaint – Chipping and the antique look with milk paint

Chipping effect with milk paint Hello! Today I intend to demonstrate yet again how amazing milk paint is! I have taken ordinary, brand new stools and put them together. And this I will thus have to look like one of those really old, really lovely stool. What I will show now EVERYONE can do there is no need for direct knowledge of any paint, or som advanced knowledge of painting nor anything, ALL OF YOU can do this! And it is not very expensive! The first thing I will do now is to cover this, I have a pretty old mix of paint, a mix with quite a lot of water, two parts water and one part powder You can mix the thinner if you want to Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint and the colors I have chosen are two parts Typewriter and 1 part Curio, thus Two parts black, one part brown I will bring out that dark-wood feeling on the bottom of this now and then I work my way up in several layers of colors Now then, my dear friends I’ll pick and scratch at this so that this may be (oh, now I soiled it here) never mind… The more dirt, smudges and scratches, the better on this project in anyway. I’ll need a hammer and a knife! I found no knife, but it works just as well with a pair of scissors Then I actually just scratch it here a little There you go! Now this paint had time to stand and rest for a while, so now I just paint on And, as many already know, so, if you mix the Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint little solver (chalk paints also for that matter) it becomes like a stain! So! Now my stain my milk paint-stain stood and dried and I have mixed three different colors here that I think that I should work in different layers with I have Miss Mustard Seed’s Mora, I have Lucketts Green and I have French Enamel Three very lovely colors and they go well together too! So… In order to ease now My layer-by-layer projects here I just take Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil And I just smearing it out here completely random As you saw so I poured a very big click here and then smudge I just like it here, all around the piece And as you saw, perhaps, from the beginning now, so when this stain dries to it becomes very light and not at all the nuance that I want it to be but as soon as you have the oil and seal the paint it becomes dark again, it goes back to that dark wooden feeling … There, anyway. Now I paint on a layer with the blue There. With oil between the layers it takes a little longer for the paint to dry but because I’ll have more than one color I do not care if it has fully dried out or not Let’s see here you can see It has like flaked up very much here so it’s just for me to sanding it off simply I could scrape too, but I choose to take a bit of sandpaper to get rid of the worst loose flakes And then I will do the same again, I will have on oil and there I will smear on randomly, all around the stool and then I will go on with the next color and then I will make the same time once again with a third color. So … we get going! There! Now, this actually got to stand and dry to the day after For when one uses as much oil as I have had at this piece now between layers and such, it is about a day it takes (half a day maybe?) it takes all of these flakes to really arrive otherwise it will just kind of keep chipping and chipping and chipping But now, anyway, so this is completely dry and then I’ll just pull over with sandpaper until I am satisfied with the look of it and then will I Seal the paint with MMS Tough Coat, Thus, the matte lacquer again. And I choose that because I do not want this to flake off, if you sit on this or add some cushion I don’t want these flakes will get caught somewhere, so then I varnish it and seal the paint in that way. So…

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  1. I love how these turned out.  I definitely want to try working with milk paint.  BTW: a friend of ours who worked with furniture had a chain attached to a stick as well as several old keys on a big ring and would use these to beat on furniture to make it look "antique".  I tried it once and it was actually fun.

  2. Love the look. I need some bar stools at my counter and was debating how to finish them. The hardest part for me is always the color selection. The colors you choose are colors of my kitchen so now I can just copy your process. Haha. Thank you!

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