CHOCOLATE Tulips for Valentine’s Day

Hey guys and Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re like me and you love arts & crafts, then this video is perfect for you. Stay tuned to find out how I made this cute bouquet of hershey kiss tulips for my husband, Arthur. This gift is very easy to make, and it doesn’t cost much for the supplies. Here’s everything you’ll need. Blue and silver chocolate hershey kisses, clear cellophane wrap, wooden skewers, clear marbles, a glass vase, a hot glue gun, floral tape, a pair of scissors, twist ties, blue rhinestone ribbon, sheer organza ribbon, artificial leaves and foam heart picks, and a ruler. Start out by using a ruler to measure out 5 inches by 5 inches squares of the cellophane wrap. Next, take 2 silver hershey kisses and glue them together with hot glue. Cut off the paper at the ends, and wrap the kisses with the cellophane paper. Insert a skewer stick into the middle and use a twist tie to secure everything in place. Then, cover the twist tie with floral tape. Next, cut off a leaf and tape it towards the top to make it look more like a flower. Continue rolling the floral tape all the way down to the bottom of the stick. And you’re going to do the same thing with the blue hershey kisses. Once you have your 12 tulips, add a couple of heart picks to the bunch and secure it with a rubber band. Then use floral tape to cover the rubber band. Next, apply hot glue to the rhinestone ribbon. And use it to decorate the glass vase. Fill the vase with marbles, and place your flowers in the vase. I decided to add another heart pick to make it look fuller. Then tie a pretty ribbon around the flowers. And there you have it, a bouquet of tulips that look pretty and taste good as well. By the way, as you can see, I ended up using a rectangular vase instead of the round one that I showed in the beginning because I thought it looked better. Now it’s time to surprise my husband with my beautiful creation! Hi honey. Hi baby. Happy early Valentine’s Day! Thank you, honey. So, this is a long time ago, I made something similar but it’s so long ago. Oh, you did? Yeah. For who? How rude.. So long ago.. Give it back to me! Before I even met you..

26 Replies to “CHOCOLATE Tulips for Valentine’s Day”

  1. I'm the lucky recipient of this beautiful piece!In case anyone wonders it currently sits in my cubicle at work making all my coworkers jealous.

  2. How did you come up with these amazing ideas. I should of watched this before Valentines Day so I could of made this for my wife

  3. WOW this looks amazing. It would make a great gift overall. You did a great job making and explaining. Thanks for sharing 💗💕

  4. yay! I love crafty things (even though I tend to mess them up LOL) and I love holiday themed things. This seems easy enough that even I can do it!

  5. I cannot get over how cute you guys are! Your voice is so sweet and soothing, I will totally be watching all of your videos now! Also, I’ll totally be making this for my fiancé. He will probably never eat it though LOL. ✨💛

  6. This is such a cute tutorial Haley! I actually bought something similar for my husband this year and it costed a LOT maybe next year I'll make it like this 🙂

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