Chris, the vintage BMW restorer from Las Vegas.

My first car was a 1995 318ti. A hatchback. It handled great. And I fell in love with BMW
from that car forward. I also have a couple of convertibles,
a coupe and a four-door. I like them all. I never thought I would have a garage. After 20 years in the corporate world,
I was looking for something different and I was heavily involved in the BMW club. One of my good friends, Patrick,
was a master BMW technician. A lot of the club members wanted
to modify or maintain their cars, and we thought,
“You know what, we’ll open a hobby shop. And we restore vintage BMWs.” It just exploded. And one of the cars we’re famous for
is the E30 model. We build race cars, we build street cars,
we make classic cars. It’s a lot of fun. The E30 has a mix of customers. You can have a classic one
or you can have a modified one, or something in between. We fit a lot of M3 motors into them. So on one hand we have the purists,
on the other, we have the performance addicts. We’re passionate about cars. We’re car people. We had a customer come in and say,
“You like my car more than I like my car.” And he has an E30. We love the 3 Series. Even though it was designed in the 1980s
and built a little bit into the 1990s, it’s a classic quintessential BMW. It’s not made of plastic,
everything is made of cast aluminum. For me, personally, it is the first sports sedan.
And my favorite. You know, my mom told me a long time ago, “Why don’t you just sell all your cars
and get one really nice car.” I said, “That’s a great idea. Why don’t you sell all your shoes
and get one really nice pair.” Sometimes you need dress shoes,
sometimes you need combat boots, sometimes you need flip-flops. All the different cars and different models
offer something for a different occasion. One of the cars I have that gets
a lot of attention is a 1991 325i convertible. We decided to give it a little bit a hotter cam,
better exhaust, better breaks, better suspension. The wheels were a little too wide for the car,
so we did a wide body conversion, which was based on the E30 M3 Cabriolet. BMW only made about 200 of those, they never officially came
to the U.S., they’re a very rare car. So we got lucky enough to find
the front clip of an Evo M3. We ordered genuine BMW steel fenders and skirts
and all the components that we needed and we made our own E30 M3 cabriolet
because we couldn’t get one. The best part about restoring cars is you take something and you put
a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it and when you are done, it’s something
that becomes part of someone’s family. I am Chris Willett and this is my story. It looks like you’re driving right now. What’s up! It feels good, though.

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