Clash of Clans ♦ INTRODUCING: The MEGA Gem Box! ♦

Galadon: Welcome fellow fans of Clash of Clans thank you so much for joining me and Peter. Peter: I’m here. Galadon: Thank you so much for joining me aswell i know… Peter: You’re welcome. Galadon: I know you’re probably wondering why i asked you here. Peter: Right. Galadon: But i feel kinda bad about that whole account exchange thing that happend in Clash Royale So, i know that you also have kind of an ‘Unhealthy Obsession’ with Peter: It’s not unhealthy Galadon! Galadon: Ok ok, you have a fascination Peter: No! Galadon: Ok you have a… Peter: Appreciation! Galadon: Fine, you have an appreciation for gemboxes and so just a little peaceoffering I’ve gone ahead and got you a little something, Peter, i found out that there is a new obstacle coming to Clash of Clans and you are going to have the opportunity to be the first person to get it! Peter: Mine?! Galadon: Yes, but the… Ok, the requirement is that you have to move you townhall out of the way There you go, down off. It doesn’t matter where it goes as long that it’s out of the way so you can spawn that ‘special item’ in the dead center of your base. Peter: I’ll have next to my other gembox. Galadon: That’s fine, that’s fine. Just perfect like that. Just leave it like that. Peter: That’s all i need to do? Galadon: Yes, that’s it. that’s all you need to do, Peter. Now go ahead and log out, wait a little and when you come back the item: the special obstacle should be there in the dead center of your base. Peter: Gallydon, what! I… Why would you to do this for me? Galadon: I understand, Peter. I’m happy to do this for you, i know we’ve had our diffrences in the past Peter: Right… Galadon: Maybe this is just one way that we can try to patch things up. Peter: Might be… Galadon: So let’s go ahead and log out and let’s check a little later and see what has appeared. Fake French narrator: A few hours later. Peter: I’ve logged back in Gallydon. Galadon: There you go, Peter! Peter: WHOA, WHAA! WHAT’S THAT?! Galadon: Yep! Peter: It’s the biggest gembox I’ve ever seen! Galadon: Congratulations, Peter, yes Peter: Absolutly monsterous! Mega gembox! Supergembox x3000 Aw, i can’t believe it! It’s… it’s! Galadon: Yes! Peter: It’s beautyful, Galldon! You shouldn’t have… Well. You should have I’ll just put my townhall back here Galadon: It won’t fit. Peter: I know it’s not gonna fit Gallydon! How do get it to fit now, Gallydon? Galadon: Why don’t you remove the gembox? Peter: Remove?! Remove it?! I’m not gonna remove it! Galadon: Ok; don’t remove it just see how long it would take to remove, you can click cancel Peter: I’m gonna remove it. Ok, let’s see… 364 FULL DAYS?! Galadon: It’s a big project. Peter: Ok; let me just cancel it right there Gallydon no! It says i have to wait! Gallydon: I didn’t know , Peter, honestly. Peter: Gallyydoooon! What do i do now? Galadon: Thank you guys so much for watching and stopping by and watching until the end of this episode comment below if you received that mega gembox and until next time… Peter: Gallydon, help me!

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  1. I know its april fools but im not going to ignore the fact that when he went offline he was level 100 and when he came back he was level 106


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