Classic Furniture: Why “Brown Is Down”

APPRAISER: I hate to call it brown wood because its my beloved brown wood. I love it! It’s something I’ve studied and loved since I was young. And all of us that collect and deal in it, we love it. But the value has gone down. Part of the reason that brown furniture has not held its value, is that the young people today are growing up in a world that’s digital, and we’re on the internet and all that. And forms like a writing desk are gonna be completely obsolete. Like, “what’s writing?” “What do you need a slant lid for? Or cubbyholes to keep information, we keep it on our phones, right? So all these forms like a sideboard, fire screen, that used to keep people’s faces from being flushed near a fireplace had chippendale and legs, those are obsolete. Sideboards, because we don’t use fancy silverware anymore. So all these forms of furniture are becoming just dinosaurs. So how do you have a market? Unless you want to have a museum house of forms that are no longer used, almost like vessels that can only be used once. Unless there are young people coming into the marketplace that can be energized about this furniture, I think its tough to keep the price levels up there.

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  2. I think that brownwood furniture is also losing its value because over the 20th century we've grown accustomed to so many new materials and novel uses for them, like metals and plastics and so on that wood just seems a bit boring by comparison. Not that the old furniture isn't still beautiful and desirable, but it just has to share the spotlight now with great pieces of design from the 1900s.

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