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  1. This is a beautiful pattern, Kimberly. Is there a version of it that does not require using the triangle paper? I'm a newer quilter and was just wondering…thanks!

  2. Trim your points before you press open the half-square triangles. That way you cut time in half on that part of the technique.

  3. Hi….save time…by clipping the dog-ears before you press them open…then you only have to cut 2 per piece rather than 4.

  4. Kimberly,
    Do you use a separate rotary cutter for the triangle paper since it is with paper and just fabric?
    Kimberly K.

  5. merci a vous ce que vous faite est très jolis mais malheureusement dans payer vos livres est tous que vous comme materiel de patchwork sa ce vent pas ,mais malgré tout j'essaye pratique vos leçons

  6. Awesome. I have triangle paper but haven’t tried to use it yet so this helps especially with the stitch length because I wasn’t sure. Thanks a bunch!!

  7. Hello Kimberly. Why are you pressing seam to one side then open them. What the point ? You can save time by pressing them open in the first time . Thank you

  8. Thanks for this tutorial, Kimberley! That fabric line looks great. (I have heard that pressing seams open leaves the seam weaker, and could split open after it's been quilted and finished (with regular use of the quilt). A seam pressed to one side is much less likely to split open. Just a tip from other quilters.)

  9. I haven't used this particular paper, but, I've used moda's 10" ones for layer cakes. I love love love this paper idea. So accurate and my brain smiles when I use them.

  10. Definitely have to try the Triangles-on-a-Roll. Was avoiding them due to the removal part, but you made it look so easy Kimberly.

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