CLOSET TOUR – My Vintage Collection

Hello there welcome back to The Closet Historian. Today we’re gonna be talking about closets, because I’m going to give you a tour of mine. So this will just be a little rundown of how I store my vintage accessories, jewelry, hats, things like that I just want to show you guys how I fit it all in and maybe give you guys some ideas on how you can store your collection too, so let’s jump right into the tour Okay, so this is the first of two tall thin little standing dressers I have the bottom drawer is workout clothes that don’t really get used, the next big drawer on top of that is larger scarves and modern scarves the thin drawer above that is gloves, above that we have berets,and in the top is handkerchiefs and sort of miscellaneous stuff Those are those modern scarves I was just talking about, and here are my gloves arranged by color, usually folded it in half Above that we have a drawer full of berets and a couple other pairs of wintery gloves And then at the top we have more miscellaneous gloves and some handkerchiefs here We have the beginnings of my hat storage in these boxes. These ones are actually cookie containers from the grocery store around Christmas time And they work well for hats, and then these ones are actually shoe storage boxes from Ikea but they work just as well for hats and that clear front helps you see what you got in there and they are of course stackable so that those were pretty well perhaps Here is my big dresser, I actually just got this this past summer and it’s helped me a lot with more storage space of course. The bottom two drawers are t-shirts and pajamas And then there’s other accessories in each drawer this middle big drawer here has all of my vintage clutch handbags And then some evening bags other little handbags here on top But you can see all my clutches are lined up in here, and yes, I do have that many clutch handbags crazy enough This top drawer here actually has my Japanese haori jackets. They’re like Jackets that were worn on top of kimono, or are worn on top of kimono, but they look great over 1920s dresses as well So I have a few of those and I keep them wrapped in Scarves so that they can stay nice and protected in this drawer This other the drawer is more jewelry and miscellaneous stuff, mostly long necklaces And then I have a drawer set aside for sunglasses Like I said this bottom drawer is t-shirts, mostly Star Wars and Disneyland t-shirts if I’m honest, and then over here I have lots of flannel pajamas. Then this is my other tall thin dresser This one’s got mostly jewelry in it, this top drawer here– both the top two drawers are full of vintage costume jewelry– I’ve got these little velvet lined trays that I actually just recently picked up Michels And they work really well for organizing your jewelry and laying it out, so you can still see it And then they stack in there, so they’ve been working it really well for me so far I just recently got these and I really like how they’re working out. So you can see this one’s got some bracelets this next drawer is more jewelry again I usually organize it by sort of type, or a color of metal so this is all bracelets here But the next little layer tray down underneath that is gonna be silver Brooches or like where the majority color of the brooch is silver obviously There’s some gold ones in there too but then I have a whole tray of gold brooches, a whole tray of celluloid and bakelite, that kind of thing So organize them a little bit more by type Then this dresser also has my socks and some camisoles. In here is my actual closet, my little walk-in closet that I’ve got I’ll just turn the light on here, and uhh so these are where I keep the majority of my stuff, obviously other than those dressers in my bedroom Lots of shoes on the floor here because they don’t all fit on those top shelves that I have in here But I’ve got shoes, and then my clothes, belts, more jewelry of course, and then vintage handbag to the top there We’ve got shoes all lined up along these two top shelves here I try to keep my nicer shoes up here, so they don’t get kicked around the bottom then up here I actually have these two boxes ones like an old boot box And then one is actually a box that a hat came in ton store bigger straw hats. So the hats that don’t really fit anywhere else I try and keep them separated by layers of tissue paper at least You can see there’s one hat here as well that has to go on a mannequin and then my parasols And then I have vintage handbags along the top here They’re not really arranged by color or anything. Also in the corner there you see another box of scarves. I have a lot of scarves And then we have skirts separated from the suiting with a nice bunch of scarves here And then we have all of my vintage suiting and some more little blazers and jackets And some modern long sleeve tops. And then here in the middle we have two tie racks with lots and lots of jewelry on them mostly It’s my longer necklaces and more modern jewelry from before I start wearing vintage. You can see some vintage stuff on the outside But, yes that is a lot of jewelry, yeah, I know I kind of– I have a problem. And then down here I have all my belts hanging up So those are easy to see and pair with clothes, and then I have another little dresser, jewelry dresser in here. And this one’s got my larger earrings in the top bakelite and things like that And then the next drawer has my fancy white rhinestone clear rhinestone jewelry for when I’m really dressing up. More 50s jewelry in this drawer Even more long beaded necklaces in this one, so more jewelry– because I have a problem. Up here are two little clear separator Containers from the Container Store I believe with a crap ton of earrings as you can see. Umm I used to make jewelry when I was younger, and I still do sometimes, so I have a lot of earrings that I’ve made over the years And I probably should just really pare this down because I don’t wear most of these ever, as you can imagine with this much but this top one does have some vintage jewelry in there as well, but Yeah, I have a lot of jewelry. This side has short sleeve tops, and then long sleeve tops mostly and then a few sweaters on this side as well, and then we move into dresses. And so these are all my winter and fall dresses I do switch out my closet seasonally, so those are my fall dresses as you can see with this dress here I try and keep kind of these separated by formality, sometimes things get mixed up in here though, so The more formal things are on one side And then more casual on the other. So these are my dresses. And then down here on the floor underneath the skirts from earlier We have a box of my faux furs, collars and muffs, and wraps things like that They’re kind of spilling out of there And then more shoes of course here on the floor, trying to keep them as organized as possible but there’s more shoes than space really to be honest and then back here in the murky darkness There are some more boxes with extra– actually that bottom box is full of socks and then those more hats in those other boxes. I actually keep these B.A.I.T. shoe boxes, the boxes that B.A.I.T shoes come in, because they’re quite sturdy and are good hat storage boxes, so I keep those around to Back out here in my bedroom This is actually one of my nightstands And I have one on either side of my bed and each of them have a big blue box like this on them you can See I also have Luna bars and Ghibli movies up there, but these big blue boxes house a lot of my hats I got these boxes at IKEA, and they do a great job of providing me with more storage space for hats I wrap everything again in tissue paper or at least set break them with some tissue paper. I try and use white or acid-free Hypothetically, I would love to have acid free boxes and tissue paper one day But this is where I’m keeping my hats for now. One day I’d like to upgrade these boxes and tissue and all that to acid free archival museum style boxes But until I can afford those They are living in these IKEA boxes. So that’s most my collection and storage, and how I keep everything organized Umm I do actually have a couple of petticoats hanging from my four poster right now because I have no really good spot to put them for Now so here’s my Malco Modes petticoats chillin on the edge of my bed So that was my closet I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour of my space And how I store everything, sort of feels like Show and Tell giving you guys a little bit more of a glimpse at my collection And how I organize everything. Feel free to let me know how you guys store your collection in the comments below I’m always looking for new ways to pack more in there since I’m a bit of a shopaholic, as I’ve mentioned before, and I always have more stuff it seems and the space stays the same, so I have to reorganize every so often But this is where I’m at right now, and I just want to say thank you guys for tuning in today And I’ll see you again soon. Bye clue clues Clues, it’s like clothes and shoes– in one word, clues. I think they use that word for something else, has its own meaning funny enough These are some of the Things I have on my wall in here in just in case you guys wanted to see that top my dresser I have a space heater and uhh currently a hat and then some fun candles and little terrariums that are super dusty but yeah I’ve had– I have a bunch of these posters because one of my friends in high school when the movie came out Actually worked at the movie theater, and she kindly got me a whole bunch of these theater posters So I have a bunch of those. This is a painting I did because I couldn’t afford a Japanese screen Lots of other little things this is a map of London actually Which is my favorite town there is I love London town, so That’s a map of my favorite town since I can’t be there very often These are actually pictures from my trip to Ireland when I was a kid so that’s fun. The weather today is a’rather snowy, but you know, that’s

41 Replies to “CLOSET TOUR – My Vintage Collection”

  1. Fabulous!!!! ✨👌
    It truly is a challenge to store vintage treasures, I know, we live in a small space.. But you did a great job! I love those IKEA boxes, what a perfect idea for your hats! Thank you for sharing 💕

  2. So many lovely treasures! I'm rather impressed how you manage to store them all so nicely. My collection is much smaller than yours and it's quite the struggle to keep it organized. And I have petticoats hanging on my bed too! Those things are so darn difficult to store!

    It's not really an organization tip per-say, but I recently chopped up a bunch of ceder boards (meant for closet lining) into smaller pieces so I could keep them inside some of my storage boxes. After a moth-scare earlier this year, moth prevention is one of my main vintage-storage related concerns. The cedar boards are much larger and more effective than those tiny little ceder bits they sell in stores for such purposes. I sometimes add a few drops of lavender and/or clove essential oil to the boards (which I place on top of everything in the box, separated by a layer of tissue paper) which also have pest-repellent effects and keep everything smelling lovely and fresh 🙂

  3. your glove drawer alone makes me sooo jealous! I have a hell of a time finding gloves 🙂
    thank you for the peek into your closet!

  4. What is your process for deciding what to wear on a day?  Your collection is museum-worthy!  Very impressive.  Also, have you ever discussed fragrance?  Of the 11 perfumes launched in the 1940's, I have 5.  Wearing "Chantilly" this week.  Thanks, as always.  Doc

  5. I absolutely swooned at your collections. You've given me inspirations on storing some of my treasures. Thank you.

  6. Your wardrobe is so fabulous! Definitely what fashion dreams are made of. 🙂 And it was fun to see that we have some of the same vintage things.

  7. Wow. For very different reasons, but if you would leave me unattended in your closet for 5 minutes I'd end up like that episode of Friends where Joy wears all of Chandler's clothes, – without the going commando part. 😂😅

    What a great collection you have! I'd love to see in detail your favourite pieces. Mine is tiiiiiny in comparison, I keep my vintage clothes along with the rest of my stuff, modern clothing that could pass as retro and a small amount of modern clothes.

    Also London ❤️ and that Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette poster ❤️

  8. Thats so awesome!!
    I love seeing those types of videos. Its so interesting to see what is in other peoples inspiring and fun.

  9. Sensible ideas about storage, they work alright. The clothes are wonderful, the handbags and the jewelry extraordinary, but obviously the items are many and they are going to be much more in the near future. I think you need another room which will be a new walk-in closet, because among those items there isn't anything that you can throw away in 5 years, everything is for keeps, they lived for 70 years, they deserve to live longer. Good luck with organising your closet.

  10. Great video and finally here – considering your channel name 😀
    I prepared myself for the shoes and the bling, but I did not expect to go gaga over the dressers. The black one is to die for. Disclaimer: in US or Canada these may be thrift store / yard sale finds even, but in my country a lot of beautiful furniture was destroyed during WW II, so they are extremely pricey here – originals and reproductions.

  11. Love it! Your closet would look great with those black velvet hangers that everyone seems to have. Good luck with your jewellery culling!

  12. Oh I love it! Thank you so much for making the video, please don’t stop. I feel that finally someone understands me hahaha ♥️

  13. You got me when the jewelry started showing! I used to sell on eBay when it first got started….and I found that I loved vintage clothing and JEWELRY! LOL My husband told me that the older I got the bigger and more gaudy jewelry I loved. I don't wear vintage too often….I now match the age of a lot of that stuff and it just looks "OLD" on me now. I appreciate this video very much….love your artwork too….and it is in the mid 60s down here in the deep south.

  14. i love your video's and will be following you from now on. But oh my dear!! You speak so very very fast. My poor Dutch ears! But i will get used to it. Love from Amsterdamx

  15. Lol, I can relate to the ever growing jewellery stash…I never have enough! I make jewellery too doll…. Would love to see more!
    So in love with your clothes, I have closet envy doll!!! Xox

  16. I just moved here to Denver and I had to leave my beautiful hundred year old apartment in Chicago in exchange for a commercial cookie cutter apartment in a complex. Im really really into interior design. And Im having a relatively sad time fitting all of my beautiful things into a small space. Its good to know that your closet and bedroom look similar to mine. Too much stuff in too little space.

  17. On the topic of storage ideas, I have an over-door shoe rack thing (the kind with pockets) that is currently filled with scarves. Just fold them up and tuck them in a pocket, which means you can see all the ones you have pretty easily.

  18. I enjoyed that! I am like you for the jewelry….my husband thinks I go overboard with gaudy pieces….but I love bling!!! LOL

  19. Beautiful collection. Like many others, I would love to see more of your pieces close up. Perhaps you could do a favorites series (favorite dresses, skirts, hats, etc), but that would likely be a massive undertaking with a wardrobe of this size. You've given me some great inspiration for hat and jewelry storage.

  20. Wowwwww beautiful love everything can you do more of a detailed jewelry show would love to see your beautiful pieces in detail.

  21. Wow – you are so organized! My mother had lots of costume jewelry, too. I still have some of her rhinestone pieces. I'm feeling inspired. Thank you for this tour. Your vintage handbag collection is my favorite (from Grandma Bunny in Phoenix).

  22. You are so inspiring and talented – I decided to sew again inspite the lack of time – I wanna have more vtg skirts and dresses ,thanks to you I got several great ideas 🙂

  23. Great tour. You’re very organized. How do you do it? How long have you been in vintage btw. I watched all the Thin Man the other day. I was in heaven with the clothes, etc. one of my top favorites esp cause of Myrna Loy. Love ❤️💄🐈🌷🌸that series. All of my collections gone in that fire. Oh well…. Did you say you painted that picture? How wonderful. It’s lovely. You’re a talented lass!

  24. Vintage

    Coro craft vintage 1950s gold clip earrings

    $17 $0

    Size: OSVintage Saw these on Poshmark, don't think I copied it right, but oh well

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