Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : How to Collect Antique Christmas Ornaments

Hello we are talking about Christmas collectibles
there is a wide range of Christmas collectibles but today I like to focus on ornaments we
are going to narrow it down to a hundred years span. So we would talk a little bit about
late Victorian up to the 40s, 50s and we would show you some examples. So we would start
off by looking at let’s see here we have some Polish ornaments this is a Polish ornament
put out by fantasia, it is one of my favorites it is Santa with a reindeer, they are fairly
large bulbs, they where put out in the 1930s and the 1950s and we have number of different
examples that I will be showing you. This is just one but we are going to take a look
at all different sizes, shapes, some figural that I have here, some Santa’s, some cups
and teacups, and coffeecup, and baskets, there is a wide range you can collect 1 or many
different kinds. So that is what we are going to start today.

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