Collecting Antiques : Antique Daisy Air Rifles & BB Guns

This is your lucky day because I am going
to talk to you about the first hundred years of Daisy Air Rifles and BB guns. How cool
is that seriously? Anyway that is the title of this book and it covers the whole gamut.
Look at this Red Rider, how cool is this? I had the original Red Rider in here once
but I think it was a couple, 300. They made different ones. They made commemorative ones.
They made reissues. This is a particular reissue so this was one they made a 1989 model and
they made a 1938. You have to just be careful but this one is pretty easy to tell because
they put a commemorative plate in the handle and the box is obviously new so that Red Rider
is probably the most popular of all. Then you can look at some of these, these are liquid
pistols. You load it by pulling, oh these are liquid pistols, these are the first squirt
guns, liquid pistols, these are your first squirt guns, isn’t that cool? And you load
them up with little liquids and just squirt them out. It is kind of like an old fountain
pen. It was kind of taken after the old fountain pen. Check this out. Talking about a cool
gun. This is a Buck Rogers Liquid Helium water gun but it is probably not liquid helium it
is probably just water but you know when you are young and excited in 1935 you probably
think you’ve got helium shooting out of your gun, isn’t that cool? So this is another great
read, this is another trip through nostalgia, whether you are a tom boy like me or someone
who just likes BB guns. Go for it, it’s a great read.

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  1. Yeah that's right NJ I have a high capacity BB gun, and I love it.>>> Seriously how is this a "firearm?" You need to get your sh’t together NJ. I could shoot myself at point blank with this thing and barely feel it. My father had to fill out the same paperwork to purchase a sniper rifle just to get me my first air rife, and that was years ago.

  2. I own a couple of very early bb guns that used rubberbands and are probably from the early part of the century- pictures on front show kids in Knickers so could be even older. Have two and I would like to know if anyone knows anything about them or their value. I was in the gun show business for many years and I know these are rare.

  3. I just won an eBay auction for a daisy 'softAir' model 38 pistol that shoots 6mm plastic shot, which are synthetic BB's. This pistol is from a series of ultra realistic spring piston powered replicas that daisy had a company in Japan make for 1 year(1986) before ceasing production.
    They are quite rare, and cost many times their original price, and it keeps going up.
    These were early "airsoft" guns before airsoft become popular.

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