Collecting Antiques : Antique Kitchen Collectibles

Check this out, three hundred years, count
them, three hundred years of kitchen collectibles. Now who would have thought, you have an old
fork, you got a rolling pin, that’s a collectible? What is that about? But it is. This book has
– I mean I can’t believe it, this book has over a thousand pages, and it’s filled with
kitchen stuff. Let me just turn to some of this. You just won’t even believe your eyes.
You know what’s really cool right now? You know what’s hot? Molds. Very cool, check it
out. Let me show you some of these molds. Here’s molds that look like little pigs and
lambs but that’s not where I’m going with this, what I really want to show you, is a
mold that looks copper. Here’s copper molds. I’m just going to read you a few things, but
I have a copper mold right here, I want to show you. I had a customer come in here the
other day, wanted a copper mold. A fish mold. And you know what this person had on his copper
mold? He wanted to put them – he wanted to do a swarm, a school of fish on his wall,
and I’m not kidding you. These copper molds, this is a newer one, this isn’t a really old
one, but this particular mold is copper, people do put them on the walls still, and this is
probably worth maybe ten or fifteen dollars. But they made molds out of all kinds of things.
I think we might have looked at a tin one a little while back. They’re just incredible,
these molds. Look at the fishies. See? There’s a whole assortment of fish molds. I mean maybe
the guy, that wanted the fishing molds, maybe he collects fish lures as well. Maybe this
guy’s theme is fish, you know, whatever turns you on. Check these jello molds out, aren’t
they cool? Cake molds, jello molds, they even had chocolate molds made out of tin, made
out of metal, made out of plastic later on. Look at that, look at these, like big fountains.
They’re so cool. Don’t you just feel like you want to put a fish mounting of molds on
your wall? I mean really, a whole display of fish. Three hundred years of kitchen collectibles.
Check it out.

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