Collecting Antiques : Antique Teddy Bears

You and your Teddy. Teddys are huge. Everybody
loves Teddy Bears. They’re made out of mohair, they’re made out of plush, they’re made out
of all kinds of fur. Then there is the Steiff Teddy Bears. Steiff stuffed toys are really
wonderful. They are really old German toys. They are stuffed animals and they have a little
button that says Steiff on their ears and then they get a little yellow tag and Steiff’s
are very collectable and very valuable. This particular Steiff Teddy Bear was from 1902
and he is probably worth a few hundred dollars. You know you take a look at it sometimes they
have button eyes, sometimes they have sewn in eyes. Teddy bears are hugely collectable.
This particular book is called, what is it called? It is called Teddy Bears but the thing
about this book, these books are made really small so you can kind of take them to the
antique malls with you which is really handy because then you can look it up. For instance
that is a World War I bear. You know how they started Teddy Bears from Teddy Roosevelt,
they named them after Teddy. There’s a mohair bear from 1909, that one is probably worth
a couple hundred dollars, World War I. They have little white Teddy Bears. It was really
interesting. I had a Teddy Bear once I put on eBay and of course condition is everything
and so the seams were a little bit fallen but I still got about $300 for this Teddy
Bear because it was a mohair one and it was an original Steiff. So check and study your
Teddys, it’s important.

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  1. I wish I could get antique Steiff bears so cheap. This woman has no idea how valuable that the teddy bears are. However, I agree with her about taking an book with you, when you go on your search… helps you to identify the bears you are looking at.

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