Connecticut Clockmakers & Antique Clock Collecting : Antique Connecticut Clocks: Beehive Clocks

Another early and attractive style of case
is what’s called the beehive clock. Beehives were a symbol in earlier America of industry
and health and hard work, so using the beehive motif would’ve been…would’ve been important,
too, in a case style. The…we have similar to the steeple clocks, we have veneering,
usually with the grain running in the right direction. In this case, it looks like my
veneering is all good, along down here, maybe a little bit of chip in the bottom. And sometimes,
too, in place of reverse paint glasses, there were etched glasses, patterns etched into
the glass, which is equally attractive, perhaps, but not as colorful. So, beehive clock. You
can use the same rule of thumb here, about eight day versus thirty hour, because they
were made in both styles. We see the winding holes here are low down, meaning that this
is an eight day model, more valuable, easier for me to sell as a dealer. And we note that
this, too, is by the New Haven Clock Company, which we talked about earlier, telling us
information about the…a little bit about the company and the clock you’ve purchased.
This is a, as you perhaps remember from earlier talks, this is a striking clock, it strikes
the hours. There’s two winding holes, so, usually just on the hour, unlike French or
later ones, which give us a single on the half hour, this will just come up to the hour,
and if we’re lucky we’ll get six gongs at six o’clock.

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