Connecticut Clockmakers & Antique Clock Collecting : E. N. Welch Company Antique Connecticut Clocks

We keep going with another one of the Connecticut
clock-making giants. In this case the E.N. Welch Company. They were a….came into being
in the middle of the eighteen hundreds and went up until the twentieth century. The Tran
Dul Ly book in this case also gives you the history of the company, and all the models
and styles. I have a E.N. Welch basic black mantel clock here, that I actually had to
steal the dial and hands for another clock, so I’m waiting to find another dial and hands.
But in this case, you’ll see that it says E.N. Welch, Farmington, Connecticut…no,
I’m sorry. Not Farmington, Forestville, Connecticut. It’s a….so, a…we know that it’s the movement
that came with the case, and it belongs in there, and hopefully it’s going to have a
dial and hands soon. If we look around in the back too, as you always want to when you’re
looking at clocks, if you’re lucky it retains its paper label, which not only, like the
earlier ones that we saw inside the Connecticut shelf clocks, tells you about the clock. Who
made it. And sometimes even the name of the clock, the model name, as you can see, or
perhaps partly see. This was the “oola” model. They must have had whole departments of these
clocks, trying to…of these styles, trying to figure out what to call them all. And there’s
city names, there’s words that you never even of heard of, women’s names, tree names. The
“oola”, I’m not sure where that came from, but if you bought this style, you would have
the “oola” model of E.N. Welch clocks.

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