Contemporary superb home design built for 40 lakhs | Video tour

Hi everyone welcome back to another
video today we’re introducing a contemporary superb home design built
for 40 lakhs exterior is made colorful using good paints and simple interior
exterior view itself is self designed the pillar works and exterior wall
design is awesome each shapes of design has architectural
touch simple color combination of white with grey has made this home a good one sit-out is provided with a three seed
wooden chair front door is made of antique design in wood let’s enter into the living room hero five seated cushion sofa is placed the shelf rack is made designed with
glass and separation living room leads to dining area where a wooden table with
six seat capacity is available a TV unit is available here for entertainment let’s step into the bedrooms here a simple double cut provided also a
wardrobe and dressing area available this is the second bedroom where a
double court with near design is given here to a wardrobe and dressing area
provided attached bathroom is available here moving on to the kitchen we see a
modular design in chain stair model cabinets storage is available on the
Rackspace now moving to the first floor we see a
simple staircase in steel red also a common toilet is available here the bedrooms are available here both arranged in simple style with
double cot and wardrobe balcony is available where a hanging
chair is given for relax a tea on an scenic view view from here is also awesome since the
greenish background make a natural touch this is a good home with simple
construction ideas and design with 40 lakh

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