Crackle Paint Finish

Create instant age and character with a crackle
paint finish. Start with a primed and lightly sanded tabletop, and apply the base color.
You’ll need to spray two coats of a flat paint, this is Labrador, and let that dry.
Next, apply a thick coat of crackle glaze and let that dry according to the manufacturers
directions. Now you can add the top coat is Lost Atlantis….and it’s important that
this is a matte or flat finish, other finishes like gloss or satin won’t react correctly
with the crackle. This top coat is the most important part of the process…so you may
want to try and experiment on a piece of scrap wood to get a feel for applying it, you don’t
want to overwork it or apply too thick – which can affect the results. As you’re
applying, you can actually see it starting to crackle and age…..and as the topcoat
dries it may continue to develop a bit more.

7 Replies to “Crackle Paint Finish”

  1. Don’t waste money on the valspar crackle glaze from Lowe’s, I bought one tiny $15 jar, followed the directions carefully, used it on 2 cabinets & a shelf I built, did the multi step process,… I didn’t work, I sanded most top finish down & tried again with the glaze & another top coat, again it looked terrible, minimal crackling,
    I showed it to my customer,
    She hated it as well,
    So I thought I’ll try one more time,
    I strip the cabinet doors down to the bear wood to start from scratch,
    But wisely this time,
    Tested process on a scrap board, applied primer, let it dry , applied bottom coat of latex color, let it dry , applied the crackle finish, instructions say let dry between 1-3 hours, so I waited 1 1/2 hours, applied the top color of white paint last night
    , it took several hours to dry – was still wet after a few hours, no crackle,
    Went out to look at it this morning, it’s dry.
    No crackle.
    This crap doesn’t work!!!
    I’ve spent $30 for nothing!👎👎👎👎👎👎😖👎👎

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