Cranks and Tinkerers: Antique Store & Museum | Discover Tasmania

Nestled at the junction
of the Tasman and Esk Highways, on the East Coast of Tasmania, beneath
the impressive rocky outcrop of St Patrick’s Head,
is where you’ll find the small township
of St Marys. It’s also where you’ll find a very special and unique
individual. This is Ian Summers. Ian collects things,
all types of things. In fact he’s collected
so many things over the years, he’s created a museum
in St Marys. Not just any museum, it’s called,
“Cranks and Tinkerers”. If you’re coming to St Marys,
and you really should, come say, “G’day” to Ian and have a look
around the place. It’s unlike anything
you’ve ever seen before. And if you’re really lucky,
Ian might even play for you. Trust us,
he plays a pretty mean banjo.

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