Create a Large Clock with an 22″ Antique Dial Face

These classic 22 inch turn back the
clock dials are an authentic reproduction of an actual 19th or early 20th century
American Clock Dial. The crackle of the original paint and distress numerals
represent how this same antique dial looks today. Seventy to One Hundred Twenty Five years later. Our versions are
printed in our California factory on one eight inch Masonite. A nice sturdy surface
now you can build your own true turn back the clock wall clock masterpiece.
The printing of these dials is nothing short of fantastic if you look closely
detail on the distressed areas you’ll see are absolutely first-class. We
also have clock hands for these dials. We have them in a ten inch spades style. In
black, antique black and we offer of course white for the black Roman dial
here. I am Mike Brosman for

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