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I have a couple of heirloom jewelry
pieces that will be with the family for a long time and I took them to Michaels to
get framed. I have a long time friend. She’s very
dear; her name is Jackie. We’ve been friends for 55 years. When we were
teenagers, she lived with us. We did a lot of things together and we became
really close friends. Everybody loved my mom. She was the glue that kept the
family together and Jackie was part of that family. Jackie thought of my mom as her
second mom and after Mom passed away and to help her with her grieving process, I
gave Jackie a black shawl that Mom used to wear on her head to go to church. For
my 65th birthday, Jackie took a bigger piece of that scarf and she put it into
a mounted frame. When somebody does something nice like that for you, it just
kind of warms your heart. Jackie was telling me about this artesian jewelry
maker, Gabe Bratton in North Carolina, where she lives, and she makes beautiful
jewelry out of old lace so I had a brooch and a pendant made out of the scarf.
I just knew exactly what to do with those 2 jewelry pieces and that was to
get them framed. Marlen came in with two jewelry pieces that were very special to
her. I asked her a few questions about where she intended to hang the finished frames, what
the color scheme of the room was. He started pulling different frames down
and we would set them with the jewelry piece and the mat board together. He
suggested a black shadow box because the brooch and the pendant are a little bit raised. The
shadow box frame that Marlen had picked out was really gorgeous but I felt that a gold fillet would really make the jewelry pop. He printed out
this paper and it showed the frame and the mat board and the jewelry piece
together. I said this is high technology I’m not used to this. After we figured
out exactly what she wanted, we found the perfect frame and it fit right within her
budget. When I go shopping, I like the experience to be quick, good, and low-cost. Usually you get
two of those but not all three and I got all three. I like somebody who takes
pride in their craft and Adrian did that. It just makes me happy to know that
Marlen is satisfied with what we made for her. Every time I walk by it, I look at it
and I think of Mom. Michaels was able to help me bring to fruition my vision and they did a wonderful job.

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