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The Dainese Street Rocker sneakers are another
mainstay in the casual sneaker category, so we’ll be giving them a review to see why. Sebastian from Champion Helmets here and the
Dainese Street Rocker D-WP is meant to let you ride your bike in relative safety and
still transition seamlessly to walking around off of it. These are among Dainese’s most popular styles
in the sneaker line since they just blend in so well and look like any other pair of
stylish high tops. They’re mainly called Rocker since they’re
meant to have a more vintage look and take inspiration from café racing and rock. Dainese’s words, not mine. This shoe will be coming in at a recommended
retail price of about 170 Euros, or about 190 US Dollars. As such, they’ll be competing with the Revit
Jeffersons as well as the Revit Arrow sneakers. Just a quick reminder to subscribe and check
out our YouTube channel where we have plenty more gear reviews and guides for if you’re
still not sure what you’d like to go for. The Dainese Street Rocker sneakers are made
of cowhide leather, which will offer great abrasion resistance as well as helping prevent
water from getting into the shoe. As far as the appearance of these shoes goes,
Dainese are proud to say this is their handcrafted vintage effect, which means no shoe is the
same. The Street Rockers use standard laces to stay
shut and the sole is made of rubber as usual. The shoe also comes in sizes 39-46 and, like
most Dainese gear, will have a narrower fit so wider footed people beware. Other than the cowhide the shoe is made of,
the Street Bikers come with a decent level of protection. These are CE rated shoes and Dainese have
included a nylon heel and rigid inserts on the ankles to protect your ankles a little
bit more. This is about the standard level of protection
you usually see on these types of Dainese sneakers, which isn’t bad, though it does
lack stronger protection around the toe, which you do see included with Dainese’s competitors:
Revit. Lastly, we come to the shoes comfort. The first thing to mention with this shoe
is that since it is fully made of leather, it will require breaking in and won’t be
as comfortable out of the box as something like the Dainese York shoes. But it’ll be fine once the shoes are broken
in. Temperature-wise, these shoes use Dainese’s
D-WP liner and are meant to be waterproof, so the flip side of this is that these will
be hot shoes. However, the main downside on this shoe is
that it doesn’t have a gear shifter guard, which, for a shoe focused on looks, is going
to be important if you plan to use these shoes very regularly while still retaining the nice
leather finish. However, these shoes will still be comfortable
and these are mainly the trade-offs Dainese have made to give a more casual style riding
shoe. If you’d like to purchase the Dainese Street
Rocker shoes, make sure to head to ChampionHelmets.com where we have a lowest price guarantee, so
let us know if you see the shoe anywhere else and you can always ask us questions via our
livechat. These shoes definitely have delivered on their
promise of a casual style shoe and trade-offs aside, it does reasonably well. Not to mention the novelty of the vintage
look of the sneakers. If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe
and let us know what you think down below. I’m Sebastian from Champion Helmets and
see you next time.

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