David Harbour Calls the Duffer Brothers to Ask About Hopper’s Fate on Stranger Things

-I want to say spoiler alert,
but the reality is, like, nobody really knows
at the end of the last season of “Stranger Things”
and, obviously, your beloved character. It’s actually not quite clear
if you’re dead or not, right? So, I imagine if you know,
you can’t tell us. Right?
-Yeah. -That’s fair. Do you — But do you know?
-Okay. I knew this would come up. This is the great thing about
doing a late-night talk show. -Yeah.
-Yeah, so, okay. Well, here’s the thing. I always knew that Hopper
had to make a sacrifice. Like, he’s a jerk and,
like, he also needs to — he needs to pay for that
in some way. So he needs to do —
So, but, you know, I thought he would make
the sacrifice, and then the script came out
and — Spoiler alert. Like, you know, you don’t want
to know about this stuff, I guess turn down the — -Yeah. But also, like,
try to keep up with culture as it happens. -Good advice.
That’s solid advice. -I mean, there’s just very
few things we all watch, and it would be nice
if you joined us. -But, anyway, at the end,
you know, the post-credit scene,
there’s this thing where it’s “the American,” you know? And I was like,
“Oh, clearly I’m the American.” And then I haven’t gotten
many phone calls. I… -Because the Duffer Brothers —
they obviously know. -Yeah. I mean, I think they’re
actually the only people that do know. -Gotcha. But they haven’t hinted
to you at all. -No.
-Yeah. So you’re sort of —
As an actor, you’re in flux is what you’re saying. -I mean, at this point, I am.
-Yeah. Are you going to call them?
-You want to call them? -Yeah, let’s do it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s what I really like. Let’s show off the world that
you got a loose one. -I’ll do one better.
Let’s FaceTime them. -Okay, great. This is the Duffer Brothers, the
creators of “Stranger Things.” -It’s ringing.
-Okay. [ Ringing ] -Can we — -Are they going to, like — Are they going to pick up
the — Hey. -Hey.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Hey, what’s up?
You’re on the Seth Meyers show. -Big fan.
-What do you mean, like… What do you mean?
You’re shooting it right now? -Yeah, we’re shooting
the show right now. What’s up?
-Why are you calling us? -I have a question.
I have a question. What’s up, Ross?
-Yeah, turn it over there — -Am I — I’ll let you guys
answer to the camera, but the question is —
am I dead? Is Hopper dead? -I mean, we’re still
figuring it out. [ Cheers and applause ] -Would this sweeten the pot?
[ Cheers and applause ] -You guys are a ton of help.
Thanks. Really wonderful work.
Good luck with Season 4. Love you guys.
Love you. Bye. -Very nice. Very nice gentlemen.
-Awful. Awful. -Did you hit it off with them
when you first met? -Yeah.
I mean, I love those guys. They’re, like — I say this all
the time, and they hate it. That’s why I
continue to say it. But they’re, like, the biggest
nerds I’ve ever met besides me. I mean, I’m kind of a
nerdy guy, too, but they’re just, like,
little, geeky, “Dungeons & Dragons,”
video-game-type guys. And so we hit it off
like gangbusters, yeah. -And it was not originally
called “Stranger Things” when you got involved
with the project. -No. That was the first sort of
rift between us, actually, ’cause I loved the script
so much. I mean, I love this show.
-It’s a fantastic show. -It’s a fantastic show. I don’t say that about —
I love the show. So, the script is amazing,
but, originally, it was called “Montauk.” -Uh-huh. -And I thought that was
such a good title, like, really strong and simple
and like one word. And it was set in Montauk. And then they changed it
to be set in the Midwest, so they needed to
change the title. And they were, like — They
called me and they were like, “We’re going to call it
‘Stranger Things.'” And I was like, “That’s the
worst title I’ve ever heard.” It sounds like some
stupid guy going like, “Oh, I’ve heard
stranger things.” Like, I mean, it sounds like
a terrible idea for a television show. -Yeah, yeah.
-And so I hated it. And then I saw it in the font
with the, like, music. [ Vocalizes
“Stranger Things” theme ] And it’s —
And it was awesome again. -And then you realized —
Are you willing to admit now it’s a hundred times better
than “Montauk”? -No. No.
-Yeah. We were originally going to call
this show “Amagansett.” But then the network was like, “What about ‘Late Night
with Seth Meyers’?” And I was like, “All right.”
-Eh, whatever. -What’s it like — I mean,
you know, they’ve grown up,
obviously, to some degree, since you first
start working with them. But what’s it like working
with those — you know, a super-talented cast of kids
you have on the show? -Uh, it’s a nightmare.
-Yeah. -No, they’re — I mean,
look, they’re beautiful kids, but, I mean, you —
They’re — No, but, like, what adult male wakes up
in the morning — like, I’m in my 40s —
and goes like, “You know what
I want to do today? I want to hang out with like six
15-year-olds.” -Yeah. -And I want to see, like,
what they’re like, and, like, what they talk about, and, like,
what they’re interested in. And I want to get involved
in conversations that they’re having
about learning about themselves, as 15-year-olds do. I have been in some
conversations where in the — between them — where, in
the middle of the conversation, I just have to walk away,
’cause I’m qualified to speak about this,
but I’m not going tell you. -Yeah. Yeah, this is
a journey you have to take on your own. -Exactly. I do not
want to be involved. -“I managed to find
these answers without the help of a
45-year-old man.” I’m so excited for you
this week, man. -Oh, thanks man.
-It’s going to be a blast. -Yeah, I’m really excited, too.
I mean, it’s a dream come true. I mean, I have to —
I want to say — I actually do want to say hi
to my mom, because my mom is going
through some stuff right now. And she’s sick, and I just — It was something that my mom
and I would talk about when I was a kid,
about, like, one day hosting “Saturday Night Live.” -Oh, man. Well, I hope she
gets better soon. And I can’t wait for Saturday.
Thanks so much for being here. David Harbour, everybody.

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  1. I think everybody knows the answer. It was pretty much clear in the end of season 3: "Do not touch the american". Who else could be in soviet prison except Hopper ?

  2. Hopper/Harbour: a year ago I would have had no idea what you were talking about; something to do with water would have been my best guess. Now … both legends for the rest of my life. 👍

  3. There's a part of me that believes that Hopper is dead, simply because everyone is expecting him to be the American in the Russian cell. Not to say that the Duffer Brothers planned it this way, but it just feels way too easy to assume that's him. They could throw us a curveball just to mess with what we think we know.

  4. Of course he knows. Is part of the business to have actors scheduled for filming especially since they have to start filming ASAP because those kids aren’t looking like kids anymore

  5. Well i feel like he got "killed off" of Stranger Things because of the success he thought he'd have from Hellboy. Then maybe they filmed that post credit scene after Hellboy tanked.

  6. Love Hop, its in my opinion, a strong opinion to myself, that he is alive. Im looking for season 4 to have incredible imagery and scenes, dark… Like season 3 was compared to the 1st.. And i have never been so excited in my life.

  7. anyone else thinking the american at the end of the credits is actually brenner, not hopper? idk, that was my immediate thought.

  8. He was my favorite character everything he did for everyone but he died please bring him back like he got stuck in the upside down and everyone gets him back please !!!!!!

  9. For season four he would have to be alive for 11/Jane to actually come back to Hawkins. that's the only story plot I can think of is that he's alive in season 4 but the group has to explore a unknown region of the upside down to get him out. If that's not the story pilot for season 4 I think season 4 is going to be kind of boring. I really feel like season 4 should go out with a big bang because you know there are rumors that season 4 will be the final season. since a lot of the younger cast members they actually want to leave the show and explore other avenues in their career.
    Multiple younger cast members actually said this on different interviews. You know because they're older and they can't do this forever. Story-wise is not that much they can do nevertheless.
    unless the writers turn the upside down into a place that's from the future and the group has to stop the dark future. in that case I can see the show lasting for four more seasons. I would love to see maybe the show exploring the other kids that are just like Eleven. This is something that the show has not explored

  10. His turn on SNL was solid gold. If you haven't seen the Joker parody, go find it right this second.
    Feel better, Mama Harbour!

  11. Even though I would love hopper to be alive I think I it would take away from the ending of s 3 and it would likely be too obvious for him to be the American it might be someone who had went away then we would suddenly see him /her as the prisoner like one of elevens others like number 8 or something like that . But I do think that they’d think about another plot twist to make him alive which would be amazing

  12. I like how Seth always gets a crack at the host of the following Saturday’s SNL host. That job still paying him in dividends

  13. How could he possibly have survived an explosion that vaporized everyone else in the room? He was standing closer to the Key than anyone, there's no way he survived.

  14. Anyone else think that the kids just start talking about really really weird things to get David Harbour to leave them alone? Cause, like, I've done that to get rid of adults.

  15. David’s face while he’s just thinking about how his two bosses know about his character’s future but he doesn’t just made my day 😂

  16. I think Hopper is alive however he is in The Upside Down. In the Season 4 trailer you can see Hopper's cabin. Martin Brenner is the American. In season 2 Episode 7, A man that worked with Brenner said that he is still alive and the Duffer brothers have also confirmed that Brenner is alive.

  17. I love David Harbour with my entire being. I'm really holding onto the idea that he could be the American in that cell or that he's still alive in some way. Though Hopper is an absolute jerk, we just started to see the nicer side of him (with Joyce ;;v;;). David Harbour is an astounding actor and he plays Hopper's part so well it would be an absolute shame to not have him in s4. I'm not even sure I could continue watching, he's that big of a component in the series :/ keeping my fingers crossed <3

  18. Basically it’s whatever they decide. So it might be no, then they can change their mind on Thursday then it’s yes!

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