Day 36: The First Female Conductor

Hey guys! And welcome to Goodness! Today’s Goodness! is about the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra’s first ever female conductor, Marin Alsop! This is a big deal! Because the Viennese music world is known to be quite old-fashioned! For example, the Vienna Philharmonic only officially started accepting female musicians 20 years ago! That’s 1998! The Internet is older than that! Anyways. Since then, they are finally catching up to modern times by appointing Alsop as their first female conductor! Obviously, she wasn’t elected BECAUSE she is a woman, but because she’s an amazing award-winning conductor! Who is no stranger to being First! Alsop says she hopes that her new role will stimulate the industry to create more opportunities for women, and that one day being the first woman will no longer be news. But until that day comes, Congratulations Alsop!!! And that’s today’s Goodness! See you tomorrow!

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