Deanna Moyers of Vintage Touch #1 Antique Haul

Visit the Vintage Touch online store at: Visit Vintage Touch at: Follow Vintage Touch at: and the i’d like to show what he’s found
that the themes depan eptein on a morning speak def things have not been processed a
cleaned up yet so they’re fresh from the pic i consider wildlife and c_b_ a
pretty good morning stuart that and finds you well cvs items to some of
these items will be advertised online vintage touch webpage garbage under the high antique online
dot com format now if you would like to actually ask
that teens the easiest way to do it is just to put
my full name deanna more years spelled with an analyst in your giggle search engine you will
see a variety of things that will come on and one of those will be my page on high in t online dot com also i’ll have some of these on against
in mikey crater online store and you can access my store by going to deanna more
years doggie crater dot com gets my full name deanna more yours don t crater dot
com so now let’s get on way of showing you
some of the fines yep i obtained caught your morning stick
and sample and i hope you like it i have to meet the camera just a bit so bear with me at least ok a
fact here i’ve got to be a problem appearing nights nineteenth century brown transfer where creepy but now get
keys dark path charm the little cracks on the handbook back
right some of the fifty at home photos and i think you can sake it will make better track scared pizza display things like that for a bit creatively fares flying off there dot uwire manor house poppy box turned her back i think at the bottom comes opens stick out a new she thought they’re always gets out west i got three don’t picture frames fear anti development photos sin picture frames should have been interested in peace it says at u_s_ and it’s got the year
nineteen forty ones on it and it looks like um… just uh… whitewater deeper at friends select i’ve got a double
sided celluloid me in the air so you have a nice older uh… scale here’s an interesting item discounts complete in its current in candidates
uh… it around enough and the like uh… baking powder
that’s really uh… an interesting piece kamal mason jar places like the behind annexed canada shelter job there’s no
shoulders on-air game said that a little unusual here’s a nice little uh… photograph d_n_a_ locked scamming on to get at cape cod overnight on advertising to hear this is uh…
amber bottle it’s some kind of approx abad on its head delectable cork recieving top bike episode blood type blocks here notice held on some type of leafy anti-politics kahe something like
that here for me glanced at the birth of a lamp shade and i thought there would be buttermilk
creative then that could be turned witchcraft but i gotta fold cone shape ice creams skew from the nineteen th interest uh… three times for work barracks civil war era i get a medal card there with spoke we are open critic doesn’t typecasting but these items are great display cases when you can figure out something that
you can do to prop it up and you could fill it with small animals something
like that taken an old wooden top i get to sock diners they’re very good
sellers for me uh… together and all that orange uh… post prayer in oslo control all along miserable draw undershirt which he prepares to things like that i get to old books from a nineteenth
century that’s going to give thinking we should grammar book get flooded above the title alliance itself
airstrips called uh… dewine of meant that genius i’m not gonna laugh and then i found uh… simple garden tools which are very very popular candidates have a lot of people like to
hear from i’d like to collect them in hand them out there like gardeners and
so there’s a variety of things you can do with that one morning for vote but he and take
that i found and he gives you an idea of from twilight we consider to be a profitable
mornings worth of handshaking and i hope you enjoyed it and i hope
people aren’t complaining and i hope you’ll check my webpage and mind uh… online store thank you
for watching

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