Deborah’s five essential items for a five year old

Hi. I’m Debra. I’m a mom of two. I have two boys. A six-year-old boy and a four-year-old boy. Item One is the backpack. You want a
backpack that’s big enough for everything and let the kids decorate as they like to
make it their own. Item Two. It would be snacks. We need to make sure that our hungry kids have food when they need it. So sometimes after playing at the
playground they get hungry. Item Three. Entertainment. So this is really good and fun for kids to sit down to do when you are waiting for the food. Item Four would be an extra change of
t-shirts. So after playing at the playground, it would be good to change
out of their sweaty clothes into something clean. Item Five. It is the Mifold. This
is so important because when you’re taking taxis, you need to make sure that
we have the right child restraint.

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