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  1. To this day my family and I still bust out in random song with 'She's Choppin Broccolaaay'.
    It's a classic.


  2. I'm surprised this wasn't already on here as it's so well-remembered. Hard to believe it was from Phil and Dana's very first episode – they're both so polished. I was enjoying past weeks where you were putting up 7 or 8 new clips. I hope that can continue again next week instead of just the 3 or 4.

  3. I watched this live.. was a legendary episode.. you just knew when you saw it that it was something special…

  4. I'm Troy McClure and you may remember me from managing such musical hits like "New Beginnings" and "Going to the club".

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  6. The '80s – The decade of wild hairdo, shoulder pads, and mismatched clothes that are way too lose.

    I dont miss that part of it at all. 😂

  7. I will miss Phil Hartman until the day I die. He made me laugh so many times, between SNL,The Simpsons, etc., I cried so much the day he died, for his family, their kids, the senseless loss. I wish I could have thanked him for sharing his talent with us.

  8. I was just about to go searching for this one! This is one of the all-time greats. If you went to my junior high and you didn't know about choppin' broccalay, well … that probably didn't matter. But you were as rare as someone not aware of putting Darth Vader in yo butt.

  9. Hello everybody,

    I hope you enjoy:

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  10. Omgosh! I've always had this song in my head and they finally post it!! Just like the buckwheat songs and synchronized swimming. Yeah, you! i know you, I know you…..

    There's so many. Now people that don't know can believe I'm not making it up. Lol

  11. Every time while traveling…and seeing beautiful trees on the mountainsides…in Tennessee..West Virginia….I would tell my wife…they look like broccoli…and I would do my rendition…of Derek's famous song…CHOPPING BROCCOLI!!!..She laughed!!…Great memories!!…and the skit was mentioned in the Phil Hartman book I am currently reading…You Might Know Me….Such a sad ending to a great man and a great talent…..and I also lived with a psycho wife for 20 years…and made it out alive…Remarried to a true angel…..
    Thankful and blessed….

  12. awwriight then England!!..owz izz quaaaazi Londonah,then? Not bad for a Canuck, innit?
    ('e should 'ave said "early days" though, whilst describing the works in progress. would 'ave been le bloody Tour de fookin force eh squire?) Overall, me finks 'e did awwright, for a north American—sincerely the wanna be Cockney. oi.

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