Derek Waters – Historical Accuracy and Sloppy Sincerity on Drunk History | The Daily Show

Welcome to the show. -Thank you, Trevor.
-First of all, thank you for helping us
make that, uh, Trump history. -Oh, that was so much fun.
-Right. Here’s something I’ve always
wanted, because with Trump it happens naturally,
but you have the show. I remember the first time
I watched it. It was one of the funniest
things I’ve ever seen. You’ve got people who are drunk, and they’re telling
a history story, but all those stories
are factually correct. -Right, 100% true, yeah.
-So you have fact-checkers who come in to make sure
that the drunk people -are doing it right?
-Right. It’s kind of like the reverse
of how you’re taught in comedy, is, like, you know, don’t…
don’t look down on the audience, make them look smart, right?
I want the audience to think they’re smarter
than the narrator, and then be like, “Oh, my God,
they just taught me something. That drunk person
has intelligence.” But here’s something
I didn’t know about the show. Like, I always thought you just
literally got a person drunk, -Right. -and then you
ask them to tell the story, and then they did it. But it takes you, like, what,
six hours to shoot one story. Yeah, six to eight hours, yeah. But why does it take so long? Well, uh, you know,
whenever any human being -has alcohol, they, um…
-(laughter) It’s much like taming
a lion, you know? It takes a lot of time. But the first hour is:
I’m gonna be as funny as I can in front of a camera and in front of a crew,
and that’s the hard… That’s when I realize
it’s a job, when I just have to sit there and have someone trying
to be funny for an hour. -Oh. -That’s-that’s
what any human being would do -with alcohol and a camera.
-Right. Uh, so that takes a while, and then they get drunk
a little longer and then, uh, try to make it
a little funnier. But the funniest thing
about the whole thing is I always, always get
an e-mail the next day going, “I’m so sorry
I didn’t tell the story.” They just never, ever remember
telling the story, so I-I start every night going,
“I promise you tonight “you will never believe me
that we told the story, but I promise I will not leave
until we have the story.” -To try to create that trust.
-Right, right, right. It never works. It becomes… It starts Drunk History,
then it becomes a Cops episode. (laughs):
I love… I love that you just
basically… You get someone drunk,
and then you wait for them to move away
from, like, the happy drunk… -Yeah.
-…to that point where, like, we’ve all been
or our friends have been where it’s just, like,
a very depressed drunk person. (laughs) It’s that point of,
“I’m not trying to be funny. -I’m telling you how I feel.”
-Yes. “This issue
that happened 300 years ago means something to me,
and it happened to me, man.” -And I’m like, “Oh, then you’re
you. Then you’re you.” -Okay. -So, help me with the science
of this. How you… -Yeah. Do you teach them
the history beforehand? -They know the history
beforehand, yeah. -Right. They have, like,
a week to study it. -And then… -And then they just
have to keep telling the story -over and over and over again.
-They have to keep telling it, and then, uh,
God did a good job on me of, like, making me look
and sound like I’m really drunk, so, um, it’s very believable. The first time I met him,
I thought it was, like… I thought, like,
part of your contract was that
you just had to be drunk because of, like, Drunk History. I was like, “Ah, this is…
This makes sense.” And it’s like, no, you…
But you do. -You do have, like,
a drunk vibe to you. -Yes, yes. (laughs):
I have a very drunk… It’s an honest assessment. It was… it was also
at the Justin Bieber roast, so let’s be honest. (laughs) Yeah, this…
Okay, this season, though, is truly, truly one
of the most star-studded casts that you have.
You’ve got everyone from… You’ve got Will Ferrell,
you’ve got Elijah Wood, you’ve got Seth Rogen,
you’ve got Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Wood from Westworld. In the past,
you’ve had Tiffany Haddish, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jim Carrey. How do you get these people
to agree to come and be drunk? Uh, Uh, I started it
a couple years ago, and, uh, yeah,
I’m still alive somehow. No, uh, I just–
I got lucky, man. I got really lucky. I think– I humbly think
it’s a unique idea. Uh, um, but I also think people
want to, like, tell history. People like– I also think
people like to feel smart, whether they are or they aren’t. -They like to watch the show
and then be like, -That’s true. “Hey, did you know that?
Did you know that? Ha-ha, I did.” But I-I love that, because, I don’t know,
history sometimes isn’t taught in the most exciting way. And this is a way
that I-I humbly think that you can stay focused and want to hear
every word they’re gonna say. I feel like this should be
implemented in schools. I feel like history–
I would’ve listened more if history class was just,
like, celebrities getting drunk. If they just brought
drunk celebrities to my school, I would’ve passed history with,
like, flying marks every time. -How do– Let me ask you this
though. -Yeah. How do you know
when Will Ferrell is drunk? Oh.
(chuckles) I wish. He-He’s just reenacting. -He’s not getting drunk.
-Oh. Okay, okay. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -‘Cause
I was like, “You can’t, like…” No, no, no. I legally would
never be able to do that. Yeah. There’s just, like, some
people, where you just go, like, “How do you do it?”
Um, before I let you go, -the one thing I’ve
always wanted to know is -Yeah. you have alcohol, you have
comedians getting drump– drunk. Surely, somebody has done
something so crazy, like, you didn’t put it on TV
but you were like, “This-this thing happened.”
Like, did someone attack you? -Did someone throw up on you?
Did… -All of those. Yeah. Uh, we have a medic
and security on set. It’s a poison. You shouldn’t drink alcohol.
(laughing) I am not– Uh, my show
doesn’t endorse alcohol. It endorses history and comedy. Indulge in history
but not alcohol. -Dude, thank you so much
for being on the show. -Yeah. Thank you, Trevor. Thank you. I’m excited for it. Season six of Drunk History will premiere on Comedy Central January 15 at 10:00 p.m. Derek Waters, everybody.

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  1. I don't know if Trevor understood when he says the celebrities don't get drunk only the person telling the story gets drunk he keeps asking if they did anything crazy on the set

  2. I love watching Drunk History. It is hilarious and can be educational as long as you don't need an in depth telling of history (they're drunk so naturally they tend to simplify the story which is why it's funny). I do question historical accuracy though. Not because I don't think the people they talk to or their fact checkers don't try to be as accurate as possible, but because when most people read or hear history stories they think, 'oh, well it must have happened just as they said it did because it's history' but history is more complicated than that. Most of the time I think (or hope) that history sources do the best at trying to tell just the facts, but over time facts can be skewed depended on the sources (who or where is the source from, how factual or opinioned are those sources, how far apart is the telling and the actual act because memory is not 100% accurate). I'm not saying don't trust Drunk History or enjoy watching the show, like I said I love watching it, but I'm just saying as my AP history teacher told me in high school to always be a little skeptic and always question and research before taking it as the truth. Of course I think this also applies to other situations but I think history can get a little over looked because people tend to think it's history, so it must be true.

  3. Trevor Noah, you just gave a ridiculous idea about introducing this nonsense your host is talking about in schools. Some day a crazy- head teacher might actually find the idea novel and we all know what the consequences could be. Remember that teacher who thought of a "novel "way of teaching students about slavery?

  4. I think one of the main reason his shows are so popular is that history channel just gave up.

    If you want a show that explains and teaches history…

    Drunk history is pretty much it.

    The military channel does good history but it's always war based.

  5. I love that he was honest enough to turn and address the audience with "It's a poison, you shouldn't drink alcohol!"

  6. Drunk History is a Indo-European tradition! Way back in the day, in the cold of winter we would gather around a fire in the meed-hall with our ale and would tell stories about long long ago. Drunk History is a hit, because you have put on TV how people learn about their ancestors in real life. You think I ever learned about my father when we were eating dinner on any ordinary day, no, I had to wait until some gathering that included alcohol to be regaled about his dumb ass!

  7. Another fun way to learn American history: The Dollop podcast with Dave Anthony telling stories to his pal, Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what the topic is going to be about.

  8. I love derek waters!! Wish they'd hold a public submission contest. Random dude drunk history! Id knock it out, easy!! Srsly call me derek

  9. I don't think Trevor grasps the concept of Drunk History entirely: A drunk person explains a historical event – sober Hollywood actors re-enact said historical event. hahahaha

  10. Derek Waters, you are one of the funniest people with a great insight … and I applaud you for succeeding. Wishing you all the best with Drunk History in the future.

  11. Get those in Hollywood to get drunk to tell you a story at which they did something immoral or illegal. We'll truly see how many disgusting vile men & women got away with rape, murder, pedophilia & etc.

  12. I watched one episode, was bored, & never watched again… my history professor was much more interesting. Did I miss something? Was it just that particular episode? I don't get it.

  13. why did they both seem to be walking on eggshells around the alcohol? Maybe they were realizing that it doesn't help anyone with anything really, and to over consumed is a guaranteed kick you in the ass type of scenario. This coming from a person that is holding a mixed drink on my profile pic. I realized this not too long ago, I still consume but don't recall the last time I was "buzz" or drunk.

  14. When you're desperate because you know Mueller doesn't have anything on Trump:
    1). Call anyone that disagrees with you a racist, riot, try and suppress free speech, color your hair blue, wear silly hats, pretend men are women and vice versa, demand that ICE is abolished, state that there are 327 genders which flies in the face of facts yet demand others accept that climate change is the world's most pressing issue.
    2). State that Clinton won the popular vote while knowing that we have NEVER elected a president by popular vote. And if Clinton had lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College she would have sung it's praises.
    3). Make silly videos like this to make yourselves feel better.
    4) Turn to a comedian that couldn't make it in his home country of South Africa so he comes here for opportunity and then shits on America every chance he gets.
    5). Call more people racist.
    6). And finally when none of that works say that there is no immigration crisis when there are tons of video clips of the caravans to prove otherwise.

  15. I didn't watch it at first bc i don't like endorsing alcohol. Alcohol is poison. I was glad to hear that they try to keep the stories accurate even though they're told by entertainers. Truth can definitely be stranger than fiction but Hollywood loves to embellish more anyway

  16. He’s never seen the show and it’s obvious. The big celebs aren’t drunk, they’re reenacting the drunk stories.

  17. You don't need a drunk person to tell the story, that's the beauty of alcohol, it works either way. If you're drunk enough, even a Ken Burns documentary looks like Drunk History.

  18. lol i thought the dude got drunk like everyday with every guest and i was like "he has to do this everyday does he have a drinking problem now… maybe it's easy for him cause maybe he has a drinking problem and this is the dream job" lmao

  19. Seems like Trevor has never watched the show. He thought the all those famous actors were the ones getting drunk and narrating. Anyone who has watched more than a couple episodes knows it's random stand-ups that are doing the drinking. Another fake-nice person who pretends to care about their guests, even ones that work for the same network.

  20. ohhh i love drunk history but i always thought the guests already knew about the story they were telling like it was something they had studied in their free time not for the show

  21. I LOVE the hell out of Drunk History!!! OMG I learned more by this show that in ALL my years in History class.

  22. Hamilton, you know what you did, you know what you did. Check out these checks to James Reynolds. What's up?

  23. Trevor acted as if he watched Drunk History yet he didn't realize that the A list entertainers do the acting, not the drinking? C'mon Trev

  24. i’d kill for a kristen schaal drunk history episode. i want to see some grown men lip syncing her beautiful voice.

  25. I Love Drunk History, it's one of the best shows on television. Please put more full episodes on YouTube. I'm not a movie star but if you need a candidate to tell a history lesson drunk I'm available.😁

  26. "God did a good job of making me look and sound like im really drunk"

    Derek has drunk vibes 24/7

  27. I just loved Derek Waters in all the episodes I've seen.. and i was hoping he won't end up bad, drinking everyday 😄 I'm so relieved he's not 'always drunk'

  28. Reminds me of horrible histories on the bbc, except there is no drinking as it is for kids. But they use comedy skits to teach history. Would not be surprised if this was a derivative of that idea

  29. His show is much appreciated in friends circles among history buffs. The first episode I ever saw was the one about Von Steuben and Washington's army, and it made a fan from the get go.

  30. Trevor looks a little different for some reason, but here's the full version from 4 years ago:

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