Developing Disposable Cameras from Early YouTube Days

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  1. omg the british gang i canttt ok first of all didn’t know that tanya and jim broke up rip and marcus butler is a model now?? i feel old

  2. OMG before the Edward fortyhands picture I was literally going to comment we need a redo of Tyler and Mamrie doing Edward fortyhands! ?❤️

  3. The golden ages!! ? OG YouTube is by far my favorite thing about growing up on YouTube! Thank you for this video 🙂

  4. I used to be obsessed with YouTube during this time nd its lowkey embarrassing that I knew when half of these photos were taken before you said it

  5. I miss those days! I also miss when collabs actually excited me because I knew they were genuine and not just for views.

  6. Wow I could seriously cry. So many memories just from these picks. All these were from a rough time in my life and YouTube kept going.

  7. All of these moments hit close to home. It was such a golden era of youtube and I'm so glad that I was a fan back then ?❤️

  8. Watching this is making me want to cry, I don’t really watch Tyler anymore but he really did bring so many smiles and laughter growing up. Tyler you probably won’t see this but thank you so much for all the wonderful memories.

  9. I recognized ALLLL of the stuff you mentioned and showed in this video. That’s crazy for me. I guess I get a super senior discount ?

  10. What's insane about this is his nostalgia is around when I stopped watching and now that I'm back I don't know why I left! I was watching before I knew I was LGBT~

  11. me slowly realizing how much time i've wasted over the past 12 years watching youtube videos since i was like 11. senior discount me bish

  12. I first saw you on 5AG and I kind of lost track of you but kept watching some of your collabs, especially with Mamrie, Grace, and Hannah. I miss the old YouTube days, but was happy to see you revisit some of those times!

  13. This brought back so many memories!! This really was the golden age of YouTube! 2012-2014 were the best years, I miss those days!! This made me so happy!!

  14. This nostalgia hit me like a truck! This golden age of YouTube was literally what I grew up on and is so special to me ?

  15. These people defined my teenhood. So many tears over that Troyler video that HE DOESNT EVEN REMEMBER and honestly I don’t really either. Isn’t time/perspective such a funny thing

  16. I’ve been subscribed since these days and I dropped off of most of the YouTube world. And this is the video I came back to ?

  17. Honestly crying. The nostalgia… this was the very first channel I ever watched on YouTube back in 2013 (crazy how time has flown). The iconic collabs, the comedy, the vlogs… miss it.

  18. This is amazing!! But it also just makes me feel old as fuck?! I've been on here and following you for forever it feels like.. I remember all those collabs and recognised all the people in the pics.. wow! ?❤️

    Thanks for the senior discount I guess.. ?

  19. This took me back like 5-7 years ? Something like that but just wow the memories i have from that time, youtube + one direction

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