Dimash – Шторм в Эмиратах / Концерт в Дубае / Vocal King / #Беседа 47 [SUB]

Hello, dear friends of the Echo of Petersburg channel. In the studio, Sasha Karelsky, Vanya Chervinsky. Hello! Today is Friday, which means our conversation, where we will be discuss important news leaving
weeks. The biggest news you are waiting for is held a grand concert by Dimash Kudaibergen. Yesterday November 7 at 19:00 Moscow time in the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai at the Events Arena, “Desert Storm” occurred. Class! I watched. I think everyone watched. Who does not know what is at stake –
this is not surprising, probably you should not bell in youtube and you do not understand our analogy. It all started with tsunami in Sochi, then Tornado
in America, now the “Desert Storm” in Dubai and we look forward to the Ninth Wave in St. Petersburg. The composition of the concert participants changed after New York. You know a lot satisfied, they say well that there were fewer stars. This affected the number of songs performed by Dimash at the concert. And rightly so. Agree, it’s stupid to lead sand to a country where sandy beaches are already enough. Do not stick with your sand! Maybe this is the policy of our ministry of culture. Sochi beaches, also need to somehow
develop not yet to export abroad. Colossal Witnesses of this concert, the people who watched him were pleased with the composition of the participants in the show. Many say that a full-fledged concert of Dimash took place. He performed six songs. Let’s all together, we will list them in chorus. Olimpico, Dream-like love, Modmuazel Hyde, Know Where love lives and The love of tired swans. It was not seen armed eyes, people know these songs by heart. I saw Dimasha sing along on all the accents of the world. Igor Krutoy introduced Dimash to
once again as a “people’s artist peace. “This is absolutely deserved
status. I think no one can argue with that will not be. And I like that association language Russian
language. No need to learn another language. Cool, because I have problems learning the language. While I was about to learn the language, everything is already in Russian sing songs. It was like
trend recently on English, then into Chinese
language and here thank god that chinese I did not have to learn a language. It is very heavy. Dimash in an interview talked about being very complex
language. Dimash work hard studying and constantly progressing. What else I want to note. A sea of ​​flowers, a sea of ​​applause, a sea of ​​happy faces and smiles. As I said, all songs were sung by heart. What is the reason for such a resounding success? I can propose. Saw online
photo of a pear. It seems to me in the unspoken raider Dimash. As soon as Dimash arrives, it doesn’t matter in which country. In any hotel, there must be a tray with pears. The contract says so in the number should be a pear and wi-fi. So in St. Petersburg, deliveries of pears are expected. Yes, now in stores should
many flowers and pears will appear. At a concert in St. Petersburg Dears, I will not give only flowers, but also bouquets of pears. It’s fashionable to give unusual bouquets. I saw strawberry bouquets
bouquets of chocolate, even sausage for men. Of the sausage? Yes. And I saw a photograph of a bouquet of dollars. I also want to note, we every time we sit down to discuss
concert and every time always Dimash performs at the highest level.
I think that day will come when the word Dimash – will become a synonym
concepts of “quality standard”. For example, you will come, and they will ask you: “which hotel to accommodate you, luxury?” You will say: “No, Dimash.” Dimash’s performances all the time bingo, all the time to the point. It certainly can
many to annoy and annoy. Dimash set the bar, set such a fantastic level, and you know, it already deserves some kind of reward. We know that now and the last 50 years for all artists aim is to get “grammy”. The question is, expect this year
Dimash Gremmy? You asked on time. Now is the end of the year, it’s time to take stock. Everyone is now choosing the best in different categories. grammy is Dimash’s dream. If this year, he will be given Gremmy- it will be a splash. I think Grammy should be given on next year. But what about this year? Can Dimasha be left without rewards? We must give a chance to our domestic awards. Who missed their chance last year? Last year the whole team Dimasha, who is now traveling with him,
already winners of these awards. Someone already has all the breasts in the orders, nowhere to hang. For our domestic stars
show business has the two highest Awards: This is the “Song of the Year” and “Golden
Gramophone “- an analogue of the American Grammy. Our artists have all the cabinets bursting with these awards. The closet opens and the rewards fall on his head. A year ago Dimasha already had the song “Swans” and he
already then, he performed very worthily. It turns out that last year he was not noticed. But this year, after such triumphant performances, concerts including in America. It will be serious a mistake if the organizers of these awards close their eyes again and will praise their own. Yes, either either deserved veterans, or some young
unknown guys will be promoted. You know what, I’ve just thought, really, last year, in my opinion, each nominee had such a signature – how many views he had. Dima Bilan, for example, 40 million
views Philip Kirkorov, for example, 36 million views. That is, I want to say that only with us 33 million views of the song
“Love and become swans” on the channel “Equipment center Sportmann”. 33 million and this is our only our small channel. I have already not to say that there are artists all over the world who sing on in Russian. They do cover songs by Dimash. For example, Rimar Callista, with whom we had an interview. Now, if you type in YouTube “Love of Tired Swans,” there in addition to our small video, there are a lot of performers who having no relation to Russia, they sing in Russian. Do you remember even Rimar said that she herself studied the Russian alphabet,
pronunciation. That is, people spend a tremendous amount of time to repeat this song. Difficult in Russian language. Therefore, of course, this has long been recognized! Moreover, international recognition. In general, it will look silly if this year again the Golden Gramophone
will go to someone else. Come on so say: Dear organizers of the Golden Gramophone and Songs of the Year, we have warned you! Do you think that one of the organizers is watching our little channel? We can only with to talk a little bit about those guys who will be receive a reward. And if all of a sudden
it turns out that Dimash Kanatovich will not receive “Golden Gramophone”, and give for example Nyusha, then Well, as if she herself would be uncomfortable. Or for example, they will give Dima or Kolya. They are performing together now, but they they feel the level and they will be
uncomfortable, they will have to give a reward. Yes, and the result is that the organizers of the Grammy still her chance and opportunity to think, but our prizes that’s all! Already the edge! I’m just on purpose climbed up and looked: “Golden
gramophone “will be held in Moscow on November 23, and Dimash has nothing on the chart for this number! I also found that on November 10, on Sunday, the Golden Gramophone will be held in St. Petersburg in the Ice Palace and also Dimash’s nothing. In general, I can tell you that if our guys still don’t get together, then they will be very ashamed when Dimash will receive Grammy and at the same time he will have no awards in Russia. So they will immediately call to receive a gramophone. But it will be too late! Because to him like these gramophones
there’s nowhere to put it, because the Grammy will take the whole place. By the way, we are already on the channel “Sportmann Equipment Center” already
handed Grammy to Dimash and he has 9 million views.
So it turns out we are clean! We all conceivable and inconceivable awards, and even the Vocal King title was given after a performance in Sochi. Yes, therefore, there should be no complaints against us. But our forecasts, as we know, they come true. Regularly with! And here’s another forecast: November 22 in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk will host a concert
Dimasha Kudaibergen. Now all Belarusians rejoice, especially Belarusian bloggers rejoice, because there is an opportunity in come live to a concert, make a report, be happy for your beloved artist. Therefore, we convey fiery greetings to all Belarusians! Wait for the hero! We are sure We will review the performance in Belarus from a concert by Dimash Kudaibergen. I really liked Minsk. Yes,
you were at the Second European Games. Then the first time I saw Dimash at arm’s length. When is November 22nd? We will not succeed. There will be less than a week before Dima’s recital in St. Petersburg. We have
great news for all friends channel Echo of Petersburg. You all know very well that November 29th in the northern capital will take place
recital of Dimash Kudaibergen. Friends of the Echo Petersburg channels wrote to us in private messages, in the comments under video and interviewed to arrange a friendly meeting. Ivan and I decided go to the meeting. We have organized friendly party, meeting for everyone. Therefore, with great joy I inform everyone that November 29 is the day of the concert, we will gather in the historical center St. Petersburg on the Petrograd side. Metro station Gorky. Restaurant “food park”. There
there will be a meeting of friends, there will be many photos, many smiles, jokes. Vanya, will there be jokes? Will be. Have a great time, then all Together, together we will go to the concert of Dimash. Did you say we’ll have lunch? Sure! Who wants to be charged with a positive, cool atmosphere, before concert, come! Glad to see everyone! All the details in our group in VKontakte, a link in the description.
Not this way! Here. Go to the description, read,
click on the link and there will be all detailed information. We will all wait! With great joy and love, Echo of St. Petersburg, Sasha, Vanya. love Dimash has solid victories. And we need to inform our channel friends that we did this week. I have counted. We worked very fruitfully. 7? Least! 7 issues took place this week. Who has not seen an interview with Rimar?
This is a girl from Indonesia who performed the song “love of tired swans.” Dimash noticed her and invited to perform on his solo
concert in Petersburg. Rimar if you watch us 29 come to the party on November. I already invited her. She will probably have rehearsals. She has a very complicated schedule. Here’s a tip for those who haven’t watched the interview yet. Rimar, very beautiful, educated, smart, modest, girl. Dimash attracts his own kind. This is not surprising. The clip for the song “Daydidau”, under
footage of Taiwan. Vanya, will you tell me? Always dreamed of visiting Taiwan. Dimash gives a chance to go see some frames. Failed to go, but look frames turned out. We have
was Blitz, which was called “ice has broken.” It was dedicated to the performance of Dimash Kudaibergen at VTB Arena. The concert was dedicated to the anniversary of Igor Krutoy. It turned out a fantastic show. We also had a meeting with Lyudmila Mamyzina is our good girlfriend of the channel Echo of Petersburg.
Our acquaintance began with Moscow concerts when Dimash gathered two recitals in Moscow. Ivan went to Lyudmila, brought a lot of impressions. I hope very soon and I will be there. Someday we you too
send on a business trip. She is like a grandmother to us. Dear Lyudmila Vladimirovna, if you look at us, we convey a big, fiery hello. Another issue of the program on the channel was about the fate of Dimash in the Chinese show. It was called “The Mask.” A very interesting issue, look do not regret it. Topic: “look” on our channel. There you will see a reaction to the song “Samaltau” in a unique arrangement by Yerlan Bekchyurin. See what people who heard this song Dimasha experienced. There was also a “Look” at the song “Give Me Love”. Now you know three words in Kazakh. I also know one wonderful
comment I would like to share. Saule writes: “Thank you guys. I believe in your sincere love for this
an amazing person. I believe because you create such sincere videos and
clips in which you invest all your skill, soul, vision. You don’t scream like some bloggers about their love to Dimash, but calmly and with humor, and at the same time positively and with soul. You are making more and more professional clips. This is a compliment for you. I wait for your videos everyday
and sometimes I think, oh how guys your business is at work. You spend so much time on your beloved singer and just a very good person. I sincerely wish you good health, happiness, good luck. Let your own work, which provides you goes very well. May your business prosper. It is very good wish. Saule, thank you very much for warm reviews. Today I decided to share this
comment with all friends of the channel. I also noticed that we have a lot of Saule. You even met one. The parcel was also sent to us by Saule. Our friends replenished with one more person. Pinocchio Karlovich. I watch China through VPN. All the same, there are Chinese. We then need to say “Nihao.” Here Aybek Abdrakhmanova wrote.
Parcel from Ukraine. I have no words! Thanks Dimash Ukraine sends Russian
the parcel. Cool! friendship of Peoples on our channel continues. It was started by Dimash Kudaibergen and now all the people who are fond of Dimash’s work meet, correspond, and communicate in a positive way. It is very important! On our channel, only positive comments. We conclude our Friday conversation, I hope you were interested. Like, subscribe to the channel, and we will see you very soon. In the next issue, bye!

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    С радостью приглашаем Вас на встречу друзей Эхо Петербурга, которая пройдет в день концерта Димаша в Санкт-Петербурге 29.11.2019г. в 14-00. в ресторане "Food Park".

    Адрес ресторана: Санкт-Петербург, Александровский парк, 4, корп. 3, (КЦ Великан Парк, эт. 4)

    Планируется развлекательная программа. Сейчас идет регистрация гостей и бронирование мест. Количество мест ограниченно.

    По всем вопросам обращайтесь на почту [email protected] или на страничке мероприятия: https://vk.com/event188227377


    Dear friends!

    We are pleased to invite you to a meeting of friends of Echo of St. Petersburg, which will be held on the day of the Dimash concert in St. Petersburg 11/29/2019. at 14-00. in the restaurant "Food Park".

    Restaurant address: St. Petersburg, Alexandrovsky Park, 4, bldg. 3

    An entertainment program is planned. Now there is a registration of guests and reservations. The number of places is limited.

    For all questions, please contact [email protected] or on the event page: https://vk.com/event188227377

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    Ни новых песен, ни красивых мелодий, ни свежих молодых, ни разноязычных разностранных поклонников – это период Застоя.

    Этот паук расставил свои сети по всем крупным городам,

    Концерты посещает в основном российская эмиграция
    второй год отмечая юбилей
    устаревшего шоумена.
    Этот старый хронический Юбиляр и его старая бездарная тусовка везде крутит свой пердатый бомонд через Димаша

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  42. Возьмите у Димаша интервью,если получится пригласите в студию.Ждем!

  43. Здравствуйте, просто нет слов, как можно вам выразить благодарность ,за то,что вы сделали сегодня. Димаш, действительно заслуживает награды уже, за безупречный свой талант. И если кто то еще не хочет это отметить, то ВЫ ребята это сделали. Молодцы!!! Ваши слова, да всем тем, кто будет заниматься награждением таких людей как Димаш. Он один такой на нашей планете. Иногда думаешь, что это просто фантастика, а не его творческая безупречная и как ВЫ сказали эталонная РАБОТА…
    ..ловлю себя на мыслях, мечтаю, слушаю каждый день и желаю чтобы это было вечно! Горжусь, что он наш Казахстанец, как он образцово и воспитанно преподносит нашу РЕСПУБЛИКУ КАЗАХСТАН. И самое важное объединяет все народы. У этого 25- летнего юноши большая любовь ко всему миру и глубокие корни КАЗАХСТАНЦА – ПАТРИОТА СТРАНЫ.

  44. Grazie per i sottotitoli in italiano!!! " inutile portare altra sabbia "zavorra" in un luogo dove c'è n' è già molta" ahaha certo Dubai è famosa nel mondo per la sua bellezza e con la voce di Dimash sarà stato un paradiso! Bravi!

  45. Me ecantan sus comentarios,buen CANAL sobre la gira de conciertos que realiza DIMASH sus presentaciones son de GALA DE PRIMER NIVEL.
    Sus recitales son super inolvidables por el contenido de cada canción
    prácticamente unas obras de ARTE.
    Sparcibha, paka.bye. gracias.

  46. В такой аудитории, и ни одной песни на казахском, жаль

  47. Я согласно с Вами на все 100, спасибо ребята за видео, за поддержку нашего Димаша, за всё! Димаш гордость Казахстана, дай Аллах ему крепкого, керепкого здоровья, новых достижении, огромное спасибо Маэстро за творческий союз с Димаш, желаю им новых творческих успехов! Удачи Вам всем везде и во всём!

  48. Очень интересно вам смотреть: беседа содержательная, позитивная, строится на уважительном отношении к людям, восхищении творчеством Димаша. И все в десятку. Через юмор проходит интеллигентность и интеллект. Больше вашему каналу подписчиков! Вы супер! Мы всегда рядом , за вашим столом.

  49. У Димаша было правда загруженный график в этом месяце… И он как всегда класно и великолепно спел и дал нам всем радость и веселье…

  50. Подписываюсь на ваш канал ребятки! Спокойно, интелегентно, с долей хорошего юмора! Молодцы.приятно вас видеть и слышать.тетка.78л

  51. Спасибо вам Эхо Петербурга. …за поддержку нашего любимого Димаша 💖💖💖

  52. Ну Саша," букет из долларов ну это не чего," крутой прикол получился

  53. Благодаря Димашу теперь все народы во-всем мире песни на русском языке судавольствием слушают. Русский народ Вы должны поблагодарит Димаша за это.

  54. Димаш наверное Сенсация Века! Одна девушка, что была концерте, написала, что до сих пор не верит, что он существует))))

  55. Любое хорошее имеет свою обратную сторону. Некоторые диарс распоясались. Выкрикивали признания своей "любви" в процессе пения Димаша. Неужели они не понимают, что мешают не только зрителям, но и самому Димашу.

  56. Ребята,билеты на концерт в СП еще продаются? На каком сайте купить можно? Скажите кто знает,плииз

  57. Thanks. 😎 I watched a concert livestream….amazing. 🔥 You are correct….the order of singers changed after NYC, lol. 😎 If Dimash wants to try and get a Grammy….he will need to have music that fits the criteria for the most likely categories during the qualifying period (which ended 30 October for next year's Grammy 2020). He has most likely missed eligibility for 2020, and will now have to plan carefully for 2021. His team need to plan music releases strategically and submit them for the right categories, otherwise it won't happen. His team needs professional guidance in order for this to become a reality.

  58. Hola Alexander e Ivan me gusta mucho su canal y les felicito por cada entrega,nunca me gustaba el idioma ruso por lo complicado y frío que parecía pero después de conocer y haber escuchado a Dimash ya no me parece tan extraño el idioma,gracias por los subtítulos en español que más me hacen valorar las canciones en ruso…..

  59. Adorei a conversa!! Dimash realmente merece Grammy, espero que seja reconhecido, pois seu trabalho é espetacular, único, inigualável!!
    Sucesso ao canal !!

  60. Браво, Браво. Всё правильно говорите ребята! А про казахский язык забыли;)

  61. Como siempre es muy grato escucharlos, bueno leerlos, felicidades por sus comentarios 🇲🇽😍🥰 Dimash es un joven muy educado un ejemplo

  62. 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻💕💖💜🧡💛💚💚🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  64. Димашу ордена всех народов🌐👏✊👍💕
    Димаш Канатович достоен всех наград мира❤❤❤❤

  65. Как всегда все интеллигентно, без фанатизма излишнего. Сплошной позитив. Спасибо вам за ваши выпуски. Көп-көп Рахмет!!! Жолдарыныңыз ашык болсын әр уакытта!

  66. Добрый день, друзья! У меня есть предложение. Давайте создадим партию Димаша. Вместе мы сила! ✊👊💪💪💪👍 И пусть только попробуют Золотой граммофон нашему Димашу не дать! 👊✊💪💪💪

  67. Обожаю Вас ребята! Вы всегда читаете все мысли,все пожелания поклонников Димаша! Прямь в точку!

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