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Have you ever seen radiator hoses hanging
around an old garage? Every diorama garage should have some, you can hang them on the
wall, lay them on a workbench or lay them on the fender of a car. There really easy to make and I am sure there
are many different ways to do it but I like black coated electrical wire. You just cut
it to length and bend it however you want if the inside wires show a little push them
out a bit and trim them and then push them back in. With the wire still inside it will
keep it’s shape, solid cord wire works the best but depending on what scale you want,
the smaller wire only comes in stranded. There are many different gauges of wire, depending
what scale you want your radiator hoses will determine how it comes. 12 and 14 gauge black
can be bought separately just make sure the stuff you are using doesn’t have any writing
on the outside coating. Some places you can get 16 gauge this way, I use the speaker wire
that has a gray coating on the outside with 2 strands of wire inside, 1 red and 1 black
then strip it to pull the black out and use it. You can also buy 18 and 22 gauge this
way with the 2 wires on the inside which is intended for security or low voltage lighting. If you are using the stranded wire you can
actually pull just one little strand out a little and bend it over to use as a hook to
hang on the wall. If it doesn’t want to stay in place just add a drop of clear glue.
You can use a few pins for wall hangers and hang them on it making a nice radiator hose
display. Tips like this and many other things are over
at HowToMakeADiorama.com so you may want to check it out. There is also a video and pfd of a complete
build of an old storage building and some accessories items available. Things like parts,
supply and food boxes, magazines, signs, fan belt sleeves, etc. all to help the scale collector
with their dioramas.

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