DIY: $5 VINTAGE DRESS REFASHION | How to Transform Old Clothes

Welcome to Refashion Revision, a show where I take outdated clothes and turn it into new. In this episode I’ll be taking this oversized $5 vintage dress into a fitted, cute Summer dress. Upon looking at this dress An idea that comes to my mind is to make this tighter cap sleeves to take in the sides so it’s very fitted and make this knee length it’s like mid-calf right now, make it knee length so tighter and with the extra fabric on the bottom to make a waist-tie so let’s see if I can execute it! I’m cutting the sleeves off cutting the other sleeve so two sleeves are off, now I’m going to cut the waist okay, so now it’s in 3 separate parts the skirt the bodice and the sleeves. this has pockets so I want to keep the pockets so I’m going to cut this thick part off so I can gather on seam length 5 and bunch it up so that the skirt will actually be a little more poofy which I think will be cute and this I’m going to take in the sides which makes the arm hole smaller so I gotta match that and make the arm hole skinnier here, and sew it back on so that I can gather easily don’t want to sew the pocket sew it together Ok, now that you sewed on stitch length 5 how you gather is, you just pull one, do you see two threads coming out? You just pull one. It doesn’t matter top or bottom just one side so as you pull you scrunch it see that scrunching? Then just take it to the side and keep doing it that’s how you gather, easy right? that’s about my waist so while you’re holding onto the end so it doesn’t the fabric doesn’t go out the bunches make sure the gather are even so I look and I say, “Hmm… I just pinch the sides like this to see how many inches are off and I say “Hmm, that’s about 2 inches.” and then I cut off 2 inches on both sides One tip for when you’re altering, and you aren’t sure if it’s going to look good, I do it on stitch length 5, so that if I sew and I make a mistake, I can just pull it off super easy and I don’t have to seam rip every one of them Ok, so I sewed the sides, as you can see, I did it on stitch length 5 so that if it doesn’t work I can just rip it off So when you sew it in, you just keep the curve of the bodice So you know how it’s like this? It’s not straight? so my stitch also goes in so I keep that same distance, about the same. I did it on both sides I tried it on and it was still too loose, so I sewed in an inch more So I still did it on stitch length 5 and now that I like it, I can go over it on stitch length 2.5 to secure it So now that I sewed the sides, cut the extra fabric off I’m going to cut this part off so that it’s not bulky when I sew back on the sleeves So I’m going to sew this onto here when sewing it on, you match the buttons This is the right side, this is the right side match it, and then you just flip one of them over and then sew it. So that when you sew it, the buttons line up As you’re sewing, make sure this part and the gathered part ends at the same length see how this is longer? So I need to loosen the gathers and make it longer. loosen the gathers and make it longer, to fit that length and then make sure you match it as you sew. K, so I roughly tried it on And now… it is a little bit longer than I wanted so I’m going to cut the bottom to make it this length. and this is the skirt and the top that I sewed and I cut off the extra fabric so that it won’t be so bulky I just cut off the bottom of this dress to make a waist-tie, and since I don’t have much fabric to work with I would have done like a wider fabric and then sewed one side and then flipped it inside out like a scrunchie? But since I don’t have enough fabric I’m just gonna sew it in like that I’m going to fold this tiny bit and then fold it again. I’m gonna sew it along So the one side will look like that and the other side will just look clean and that’s the side I’ll use I’m sewing the bottom of the skirt and since I haven’t set up my serger I mean I don’t feel like it so I’m just going to use one one these that resembles a serger I don’t even know if that will, maybe this one So I just widen it and then tighten it and then it’s like a serger See? You don’t need a serger, you just use the zig zag Since I don’t have much fabric to work with I would have sewed it at least that much but since I don’t and I want the length, I’m going to go like this so instead of ironing first I just fold it so it’s like that so I made the shoulders smaller by cutting little bit extra so you wanna put this together at the seam and make sure it’s the same length so just match it and make sure this width and this width is the same. I cut the sleeves off, and to make this into cap sleeves I just am going to cut and follow the shape right here cut right here and follow the shape and then I’ll sew this closed, before sewing it onto the bodice and iron the dress and I’m done! Ta-dah! Let’s take a look at the before and now the after! What do you guys think? Do a cheesy pose and pair it with a really cute handbag to complete your look. If you found this refashion helpful, please give me a thumbs up, comment and subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching, and see you next week! Bye!

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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you for your feedback, I apologize it's hard to hear my voice! I have added subtitles to this video, you do need to click the "cc" button below the video to turn it on. My video I made after this one doesn't have the music in the background during the tutorial, yay! I'm always looking for ways to make my videos better since I had zero experience with editing until launching this channel 5 months ago. So I appreciate your input and take every advice into consideration.

  2. i wish people would stop destroying dresses to do things like this..bigger women have a hard enough time finding clothing as it is

  3. Wow.You are really good at this. You took a $5.00 dress and made a $50.00 dress. I. going to try this. Thank you for showing me how.

  4. Heyy i was just find you, you're amazing. I love your personality and i can hear the son of your kid (bet he/she's cute tho)😁😁👏🏽👏🏽

  5. So inspiring! You explain everything so well it makes me think even I could attempt such a project. The dress looks great on you! You did an excellent job editing the video and shooting it too!

  6. Wow I love this Sarah Tyau, I would so love to try it. I haven't touched a sewing machine since my high school days! How long did this transformation take you?

  7. Wow! I wish I had your sewing skills. I've tried so many times to learn. The last time I tried I managed to break the machine. I decided to stop trying. I had no issues hearing you.

  8. I think this is the first refashion video on youtube I've ever seen with sleeves (this is the first of yours I've ever watched) thank you! I'm going to go take a look around your channel 😉

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  10. The way you were able to fit this large dress to your small shape really taught me a lot. Thank you for showing us beginning/intermediate sewers exactly how to do some of the steps that are sometimes confusing. I am so so cute!

  11. I don't think the thrift stores care what size you are when you buy their clothes. First one who wants it gets it. Ignore the moronic comments.

  12. Great job! It’s perfect! I love the length and the silhouette! These kinds of dresses are so beautiful but they can be pretty hard to find. So I appreciate the effort that you put into it while you kept the dress in a vintage style. 😊

  13. I’m too lazy to do all this 😂 but I LOOOOVE watching these it’s so entertaining to see how you turn something cute into something even cuter and more personalized. It’s so cool how no one else will have that same dress bc u fixed it up and made it ur own. So unique!!

  14. OMG…Sarah….THANK YOU FOR THIS! The way you did it step by step, made me realize that I can return to this and learn step by step…I have purchase a number of items that are too large for me, BUT, I really like the fabric and styles and NOW I feel I will be able to eventually make wonderful creations…!!! Thank you. Sherry 🙂

  15. You are so so so talented Sarah! I know you are very used to doing this and comfortable with it all…BUT trust me, when I say that you are a wonder! What if you actually lived close to me and could teach me 'one on one'? 'I can dream can't I?'….You see, I actually learn better when someone is there with me and I can watch them and then they can watch me doing the project. Well, at least I have this video on youtube to watch again and again. Thanks and have a great Sunday and upcoming week too! Sherry 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness. I just discovered your channel and think you are so wonderful. Thanks for showing me how to alter/make my own cute, modest clothes! I really appreciate you!!

  17. This is so beautiful! I am trying to get into sewing- will try this pattern after I have a bit more experience 🙂

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  19. wonderful video, incredibly helpful! i appreciate that you didn’t waste any time speaking too much and that all of your instructions are easy to see and free from jargon. thank you again!

  20. Thank you for this inspiring video! You did a great job showing every step of the process. Can't wait to see what you transform next!

  21. this is amazing!!! i can never find any clothes that fit me right when i go out shopping, so i’m seriously considering making them for myself! thanks for the video 🙂

  22. Wow it’s so empowering to alternate dresses! I’ve always want to learn but it seems difficult at the beginning and I don’t have much time to spare on sewing

  23. Your sewing is so skilled. Your fashion sense and vision in alterations is fashion desighner worthy. Thank you for taking the time to share. Incredible talent

  24. Beautiful seamwork! Thank you, I'm going to use your tips to transform old oversized dresses from the thrift store into something awesome.

  25. What a cute redo 🙂 If I could offer a little advice, you should finish your trimmed edges so they don't fray which can make your seams come loose. You can do this with pinking shears as you trim the excess, a zigzag or overcast stitch on your machine after trimming or with a serger, if you have one.

  26. This is a great tutorial for beginners wanting to start diy'ing clothes. The dress you chose is not super complicated to rip apart and redo. I love it!

  27. Hello!. I am so pleased with your tutorial. I was going to suggest speaking louder and/ or removing the music, but I see you've already got that under control judging by your own comment. You do an excellent job of explaining and showing and I appreciate that your clothes are very fashionable yet not revealing. You've done a great job, and I will be watching your videos to see what else I can learn from you. Well done!

  28. Nice! Been wanting to modify an old, too-loose dress I have lying around for a while, but didn’t know how to go about it. This was very helpful!

  29. I love this! Oversized grandma dresses are sometimes the cutest things I see at the thrift store, I think I'll try this so I can actually wear it

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