The materials for our project are super easy to find ballon, scissors, plastic bottle news paper, paste paint and paintbrushes. Hello, welcome to NATACAFE today we are going to make a jar using recycled materias like a plastic bottle a ballon and a bottle cap. we are going to cover with paste our jar to make it hard and resistant when the paste dries let’s watch the video I hope you like it and please subscribe to my channel. we have here all the required materials we need to attach the bottle cap to one end of the ballon at the other end we have cut the plastic bottle and we have attached it using tape now we start to apply the paste made of news paper and glue the let the first layer dry. ok, this is how out jar is looking right now you need to wait for the paste to dry then apply the second an third layer it is for you to decide the thickness of the jar it is important to apply at least four layers to achieve a good resistance my friends we are almost done with our jar very beautiful this is the first layer i’m going to let it dry and then apply the second and third layer I’m going to fast forward the video, you know how to do it now This is how the second layer looks I’m cheking the places where i haven’t covered it with paste for example here the paste is dry so I apply more paste (water and glue) because I’m working in front of the window it dries quicker ok I’m going to leave the jar over the window to let it completely dry Third day with our jar we are going do deflate the balloon the moment of truth is HERE! our jar is super resistant with the four layer I applied to it as you can see it look really pretty and resistant now we are ready to start to decorate it. now we are going to decorate the jar using a yellow paint and it is going to be the color base for the jar you can choose whatever color you want after I’m done painting the jar i have to apply some lacque as you can see this time i’m using a silver lacquer so at the end it looks shiny when it dries Be very careful with the lacque because it can stain your furniture or clothes it is TOXIC! We apply the lacque to the jar then wait for it to dry I also applied the lacque inside so… it looks nicer as you can see if you see the jar from the top you’ll see it is painted silver as well This……ornament I’m adding to the jar i’m going to share the link to the video so you can learn how to do it in the video you can see how I made the flowers and how i made different kind of flowers and you can choose how to decorate your jar this jar has two types of flowers i made and you see how i made them on the other video. you can find the link to the video on the top and at the bottom in the description you can find the link to the video on how to make the flowers Here we are finishing the decorations of our jar i hope you like it and suscribe to my channel keep watching this video so you can see how the jar looks at the end and you can use it to decorate any room on your house Thank You! for watchig Please suscribe to my channel and if you liked this video please leave your comment below i try to read all of the comments and respond as well Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time.


  1. Wow me recordó mucho a lo que me pedían en primaria! Que fácil es y creo que es algo que todos podríamos hacer!

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