As you saw in the title of this video,
let’s make a support for plant pots imitating a tree trunk … and we will use cement and Styrofoam to make the piece lighter, that is,
let’s reuse the Styrofoam that is discarded in the trash … this Styrofoam will be
ground, mixed with cement and water to get a light concrete … with this
material we can make beautiful pots or pieces for the garden I’m Maria Amélia Mendes. Welcome to another video from the channel! First, I recommend the use of safety equipment such as gloves, mask and goggles. To reinforce the top of this vase holder, I used a fiberglass blanket I cut a circle of the desired size … but you can do the reinforcement with pieces of iron I prepared the cement and Styrofoam mass with 1 measure of cement, 1 measure of
mortar (cement mixture used to glue ceramic floors) and 2 measures of crushed Styrofoam at this stage it is very important to use
safety equipment (gloves, mask and glasses) stretch a portion of this cement mass … place the circle of the fiberglass blanket and cover with more cement mass I improvised these ceramic rulers to leave the same thickness, but you can use 2 pieces of wood or pipe Mark your presence there and let your
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published here and the intention is to imitate a cookie
wood it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle … … sprinkled cement and spread the spatula wet in water to smooth … the top of the vase holder is ready now let’s make the base … to make the support base I used these glass bottles that were in the trash joining the bottles with silicone glue this glue is suitable for glass in the end, share this video and help spread this work I stretched a portion of cement and Styrofoam mass to make the base I also put a little cement mass and on the bottom of the glass bottles I superimposed the bottles and covered them with the cement and Styrofoam mass I recommend tying the bottles with wire to facilitate the fixing of the cement and Styrofoam mass … I didn’t do that and the dough fell on the top … I had to remove the cement mass and then wrap the wire in the bottles the wire facilitates the fixation of the cement mass with wire it worked very well … the cement fixed on the bottles … I waited 1/2 hour to do the details I let the cement mass become firmer … and then I continued the work I modeled it with cement and styrofoam trying to imitate a tree trunk I made the details imitating branches cut wood branches and let it dry for 24 hours and cover with
wet towels I left the top in a bowl of water … I also left it in the water for
two days to cure the cement the cement must dry slowly to become more resistant I joined the two parts with
mortar (cement mixture used to glue ceramic floors) … I made some holes in the top and I put screws for better fixation
from top to bottom I checked that it is level … I stuck pieces of iron to reinforce this junction with the cement and Styrofoam mass
I modeled small tree branches and to unite the two parts and leave well
reinforced I made these tree branches where I put the pieces of iron … let it dry covered with plastic and wet towel for cement curing and when it dried, then I applied a syrup to waterproof I made this syrup with 1 glass of water, 3 spoons of white PVA glue and added cement … I spread the cement and white glue all over the piece and
let it dry … when it dried, then I painted it with white acrylic paint the same paint used to paint walls I prepared a green paint
clear moss and painted and for part of the wood that is exposed
I prepared an ocher yellow paint and watch the video where I teach how to prepare
those paint colors … I will leave the link in the description of this video and when the paint has dried completely, then
I painted it with coffee brown paint but leave a damp cloth next to you to clean the excess and paint and make the bark effect the details imitating cut wood I left to paint at the end to clean and get an aged effect I wiped the entire area with a damp cloth
part of the wood imitating tree bark and at the top I used a sponge
to make imitation wood I passed the sponge with dark brown paint in a circular motion and with a damp cloth I tried to remove the
excess ink and make it look smoky I did some details at the top as if they were cracks in the wood I also did the details imitating the
heartwood and finished with the water-based acrylic resin and pass the resin when the paint is
totally dry resin is very important to protect this painting … it can be exposed to rain and sun that does not dry out or peel Message: “Loving your neighbor, loving animals, consuming responsibly, recycling your garbage you use … how about starting your day like this! ” This one that appears is my kitten called Truffle See how beautiful the vase holder looks! and watch the videos where I teach how to do
vases with cement and styrofoam and Also watch the latest video! Look
other videos from the channel! Share this video on social media and help spread the word Thank you so much for watching until the

39 Replies to “DIY – SUPORTE PARA VASOS COM PLANTAS, IMITANDO TRONCO DE ÁRVORE: feito com cimento e isopor”

  1. Lindo Parabéns, vc é fantástica seu trabalho é maravilhoso. Obrigada por dividir tanta coisa linda com tds nós bjs.

  2. Muito lindo, vc sempre muito capricho. Queria te pedir para sse desse , fazer mais vasos de parede e pendentes para plantas pendentes. obrigada desde já. Bjs.

  3. Super auch die Probleme zu zeigen wenn was nicht klappt, ich liebe deine Video und die arbeit was dahinter steckt, hab erst für mein Garten einen Blumentopf gemacht lach war gar nicht so leicht

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