Did you see somewhere in this
canvas that we will make a beautiful vase imitating stones however, it is a large and resistant vase … we will use crushed Styrofoam and cement to make it very light you can make a vase the size you want this way that I’m going to teach you … it’s very easy to do I’m Maria Amélia Mendes. Welcome to another video from the channel! Attention! wear glasses, mask and gloves
to work with cement to make this vase I used a plastic basin as a mold and fiberglass blanket to reinforce the vase make it very resistant I cut a strip that approximately
15 cm wide and the circumference of the vessel to fix it on the side of the vase I prepared the cement and Styrofoam mass 1 measure of cement, 1 measure of Mortar AC2 (cement mixture used to glue ceramic floors) and 2 measures of crushed Styrofoam and I added water little by little until reaching
the point of a very consistent mass I prepared a paste of cement and sand
thin in a 1: 1 ratio and passed the surface of the mold and on the cement paste I glued these pieces of gauze (used
to make dressings) this way the vase will be ready with perfect internal finish it is not necessary to grease the plastic mold with oil, as the cement does not stick to plastic mark your presence and let your liked in this video subscribe to the channel, if you are not already subscribed and don’t forget to click on the bell to receive all notifications for videos posted here I applied a generous layer of cement paste and fine sand on the surface of the plastic basin that I used as a mold … incorporating the
gauze I put the fiberglass blanket on the side of the basin suggestion: place the fiberglass blanket more in the central part of the side not to be so close to the edge of the vase I put this grout and fine sand incorporating the fiber blanket of
glass to this vase the fiberglass blanket will
reinforce the vessel and replace those metal screens that we usually use to reinforce the vases the fiberglass blanket prevents cracking in the cement the pot is durable and resistant I modeled the stones with the cement and Styrofoam mass I made pellets out of cement and Styrofoam with my hands and fixed them on the side of the vase remembering that I use cement and Styrofoam because the vessels are much lighter notice that I put the second row of stones between the stones of the
previous layer and you can make the stones smaller if you prefer I made 3 pellets of dough that will be the
vase feet or shoes made the holes for drainage of
water and put a nail in the center of each foot of the vase to reinforce … I let it dry for 24 hours and covered it with wet cloths for curing cement thus, the cement becomes more resistant to remove the mold, add water
hot because the plastic is more flexible and comes out easily I scraped the edge of the vase with a knife to set the stones I prepared a syrup for
waterproof the pot with 1 glass of water 3 spoons of white PVA glue and
I added the cement gradually until reach the point of a syrup to pass
with brush I put this cement syrup and white glue all over the vase this is very important
for vessel durability note that the inside of the vessel has become smooth with perfect internal finish I put black, brown and
green to the rest of the cement solution and white glue to outline the stones I also used this dyed cement syrup and dark inside the vessel I used paint for PVA crafts in brown, ocher yellow and moss green colors to paint the stones but it’s optional … you can leave them in the natural color if you wish finished by passing the acrylic resin
Water based Message:
“Give flowers to all the stones that throw you. There will be a time when
your enemies’ stones will run out, and so they could only throw at you the very flowers they received from you. ” See the vase ready! If you liked,
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  1. Как мне нравиться что вы делаете'надеюсь у меня тоже олучиться❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Mais um lindo trabalho que você nos ensina a fazer ,amei o resultado final .Obrigada Maria Amélia por estes vídeos maravilhosos…

  3. Lindo trabalho. Parabéns. E como fica leve! Gostaria de saber do seu outro trabalho q é o espelho q vc está segurando. Ele é de fibra? Vc fez e deixou vídeo dele?

  4. Класс. Спасибо большое за идею.Обезательно попробую сделать.

  5. Como siempre nos regalas bellos trabajos hechos como el ballet, con mucho amor y gracia. me gusta mucho como tus manos dan forma al pensamiento y terminas con poesía como coronando con flores los detalles, de nuevo GRACIAS por todo lo que nos enseñas.

  6. Parabéns Maria Amélia você ensina de uma forma excelente! Ficou lindo, este ano quero começar a fazer os vasos e objetos que você já ensinou. Deus a abençoe por compartilhar conosco!🌺🦋

  7. C'est SUBLIME bravo Maria je vais essayer de faire la même chose. Bonne soirée bisous à bientôt pour une autre vidéo 🤩💞😘

  8. C est un joli pot ,et je crois même qu il est un peut solide vu la technique que vous utilise .Merci pour les conseils,Maria salut.

  9. Lindo trabalho como todos q vc faz.Me diga qual o diâmetro dessa sua bacia? A partir de que tamanho preciso por reforço como esse de manta de fibra de vidro? Em bacias menores não precisa do reforço né.

  10. Oi,será que esse estilo de vaso,com gases da para fazer nas fontes,por favor me responda um grande abraço que Deus te proteja.

  11. Спасибо за русский перевод.🌹🌼🌷
    Удобно и понятно стало. 👍👍
    Покажите пожалуйста, как вы измельчаете пенополистирол

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