Don Q 2005 Vintage aged rum

Hello, I’m Robert Burr, here at the Rum Wreck Dive Bar for another episode of Rum Minute. Today, we’re looking at Don Q Single Barrel from Puerto Rico, the limited edition 2005 Vintage aged rum. Crafted from molasses using a modern five column still, this unique spirit by Master Distiller Silvia Santiago is worthy of the Serrallés family name and their 150 year reputation for producing exceptional rum. On the nose, a delicate sweetness over toasted wood leads to a pleasant note of cane, a touch of sourdough and nut butter, with a hint of marzipan. On the palate, a delicate entry quickly develops a pleasant warmth that features
charred and toasted bourbon wood before a rich buttery viscosity persists into the long finish. Enjoyed neat in a fine tasting glass, the
2005 Single Barrel is a delightful experience for those that truly appreciate a well aged,
dry light rum. Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume, the limited edition 750ml bottle of Don Q Single Barrel 2005 Vintage rum sells for $39.99.

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