11 Replies to “Dr. Lori’s Antiques Appraisals: March 2, 2018”

  1. dr. lori… learn ur coins…NOT A MORGAN…ITS A PEACE DOLLAR…im a coin collector and seller so i know….i norm trust her, but since she was wrong at that, i worry now

  2. also, blue watch hands were made many many many yrs before what she said… i repair pocket watches and verge fusee watches from the 1700 have blue hands, the blue is from the stele being heat treated so they dont rust, so the blue hands rnt a way to tell the year. u have to o'pen tne back and look at the movement and the type and the make etc… wowww two times she was wrong on this so now im worried about trusting her, naybe she is having a bad day idk but fuck…. she is supost to b the best and i am starting to doubt her now…..

  3. Good show ..I have noticed that most AMERICAN women say….RIGHT at the end of their sentence ..Is to say they are Right ..Or telling you that it is Right……I am an Australian…..

  4. Marking on Barbie's head is not indicative of her production year, but the mold itself. Barbie wasn't released until 1959, and used the same head mold until the mid 60s. That doll is likely from 1962-4 ish. Barbie's history is very complicated lol

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