Dreadout Keepers of The Dark (Indonesian Horror Game) – Part 4

hello everybody I’m Firyanul Rizky once
again welcome back to Dreadout keepers of the dark now if you remember last time
I left it up to you which room I would go to in this video and the firts were actually
split between 106 the haunted school and 108 the grand hall so we’re going to
both but before we do any of that I went to revisit 102 because as somebody has
suggested in the comments as I have just realized I actually the feature I can
zoom with the SLR I don’t know I forgot about this I think I tried to use the
mouse wheel when I was using this camera and it doesn’t work it’s purely for the
SLR but I think this helped me where that weird ninja they gave me so many
problems last time so I guess let’s go to 102 we can forget about things
because I think there’s something else we need to do entirely there but let’s
try 102 again alright so here we are now we just need
to find of very stealthy ninja and not get too close him otherwise well you
know what happens so we’re using the SLR he attacked me offered by the hospital
area so we’re going to go offer in the direction again and it’s that weird music
still not exactly sure what that’s about or of that’s to do with anything
really alright see around well hang on yes yes right okay now I
don’t to get too close because it’s something to do with proximity i working
can we this is this as far as I can get oh yes yes right just keep doing it yes
that was it really one and done yeah he and his sword gun
and the game is safe may spirit banish or anything like that no new objective
update or anything let’s have a look in the village outskirts something
powerfully hostile in the area but where is it I guess there is a
possibility there’s two of them I certainly hope known but there you go
that’s how you beat him so so thank you from
whoever commented that I’ll make sure to edit your name on the screen right now
no can remember right no but yeah thank you for reminding me I have the zoom
feature okay well actually you know I think we’re done so let’s go back to the
mirror and I think we’re gonna start with room 108 the Grand Hall and to the
haunted school afterwards all right we’re back at the mirror realm Oh
brilliant good to know that means I’ve done everything in 102 it really
seems that way if I go the candles I know that there’s like a little boy ghost
or a little girl ghost the child ghost let’s say who drop a piece of the
photograph thing that’s actually for the Grand Hall so yeah maybe we’re done for
102 you go design of the room is pretty good
they said however not too great is a right so what’s this
that’s 106 I think so 107 or 108 Grand Hall this up next how we go let’s hope
you guys have made the right choice so here we are Senandung Tragedi the last Symphony the grand hall obviously very very dark can barely see
a thing so we’re going with this cellphone and we’re gonna hope that
nothing pops out gives me a hand gives me a jump-scare hopefully just no ninjas here that’s basically what I’m asking became not to do okay let’s see it’s this part of Dreadout and being here
before ? it’s possible Grand Hall oh hang on oh whoa
well shit fucking hell oh oh oh no wait didn’t I see photograph that thing
wait hang on we’ve got new objectives apparently or two update objectives
one from the Village Outskirts so I guess were not done this antique doll must
belong somewhere the child’s after the doll okay and the
grand hall the doll cannot be picked up okay
also can be photograph either I’ll try and pick up it seems to hurt me
yeah and I’m not gonna do that anymore because Linda was going to die again I’m
pretty sick of dying honestly after the last time okay it’s a pretty creepy
tough is it just gonna stay there let’s hope so
okay yeah we have been here this is like right near the end of the actual game of
dreadout the dirt is is this is I think where we got actually in the mirror realm
and when Oh God ! one of these rooms okay let’s just run shall we and she’s gonna
be chasing me fucking hell she’s quick I didn’t even see her approach oh alright
okay there’s some stress then oh that’s why this pops out of nowhere
it’s like someone’s throwing her at me where is she now
oh yeah there’s something’s thirst that’s gonna let down to the ground
floor I did say right down there so this is
kind of interesting let’s just search this floor now and see where we end up
we just the storm or we can okay finally some look with the door
alright well hang on what the hell is that
thank you one moment oh we do have some for the web
oh yeah at it smart of the photograph it reveals a child in her doll the doll
that’s talking me right now okay and how do how do I pick her up she doesn’t
follow me again would you know what I don’t know if this I gonna make
difference but we’re gonna close the death door something is going on the
next room I want to remember this I don’t remember the mirrors being smashed
this but I remember just room having to take a photograph of Wendy’s frames then
I think maybe working through in the mirrors music is very refreshing on being
benefit of my ears where do anything can we sit down ting had tried this in the
mind game that no no luck waken got through the burrows okay no okay what
about the friends is there a process is firm we have to deal with perhaps not
getting or rare fitness or if and a blue pigment are we might be done to be
honest yes that’s right that’s right okay it’s creepy
let’s go back into the main the main lobby in the main hall let’s try it
another room I kind of one see if I can find a doll to see if I can pick I’ve
got to the photograph I don’t know this is going to make a difference maybe need
a special drove who is here anyone well this sounds painful have a bit a little sim or something I
don’t know this is from troll what’s up Travel
printing office live write something true this door can open the door never
man that’s probably the best that’s the best guess General Custer doing all
right let’s keep going around we’re going in a big circle at the moment
pretty much ending up River started a case bed grown here right it’s the door
back here what’s Oh hold on what’s this this is
very creepy creepier than the dark Sarah this is she’s taking the cake so far as
far as the bus goes in I think um is still the best probably followed by
lentils and then the peel of hers Altaf did like the horse quiet quiet is why a
tougher trolley were split-entry there’s nothing here
I think it’s all and there’s no way getting down not in here anyway let’s go
to the same case I think let’s go down to the ground floor something that seems
to be glimmering down there some some light down here I assume there’s an item
so it’s down over here that’s right okay so I think this is actually the
area where mrs. Castle baby because we keep seeing the skin of her you know
drawing on mirrors and I think trying to get me back from the mirror round just
one of the attaining ly in the Grand Hall with my see her okay looking good
so far that’s right they were already been
queen or something this is looking good right this right see what that’s about
oh it’s the candle okay not an item metals are lighting up oh of course
right we need more parts of the gramophone don’t
probably when the objective is going to Palace we need to find more bits
yeah it’s missing some parts okay and the record to play in the first place I
assume again hearing that very heavy breathing through this door and again
can be used on having too much luck with double doors really so let’s go this way
this one no not working okay what is that that it definitely sound like
there’s girl or someone here perhaps the girl that was the doll who is that an international job support
ops long-lost brother perhaps brilliant I need a tenon on a
nice little of a red type a horrific that from a cause I can’t see the love I
think that come from this corner of the room no luck there no luck alright
anything oh hang on hang on hang on yes yes sir they’re getting closer to
something what is it I can tell what the color to the edge of the screen is
because dark I think it might be a red tough it’s very for your friendly yes it
goes around here maybe it’s next door maybe it’s not in this room alright so
does that explore let’s see yeah maybe there you go oh yeah yeah definitely
someone wrong here that loves if I hurt that love before
I’m just thinking back to ideas when I’m playing readout okay getting closer I’m getting closer
with definitely getting closer what’s that like what’s with that line
all the others are oh but that one song is this position slide is that it maybe
let’s see if I can photo grab the light we have it it’s got something to do with
that maybe with this I don’t know I can zoom in
no can I use the light at all there are lights which just seem a bit odd that’s
the song hmm again no luck alright maybe again maybe
it’s next or maybe it’s in the next room in here
yeah again it’s open oh oh yes yes oh my god is there different of course it’s
just someone sitting down a computer ok different I’m getting red Fignon you’re
an anime oh yeah gonna treat you such who doesn’t like a speak to me and take
an apprentice right that was that actually goes the fuck Oh what is this
what’s he doing anyway no idea that’s I have a look the book arrived
today I cannot focus my attention freely the resurrection don’t all of them it’s
been years since and it is a fungus and they’ve been around to the left of the
worlds of the Dark Lord my efforts will be proven when the world shall once more
buzz in the suite in conditions of the tribunal afraid right this sounds pretty
bad actually who is trying to build an the Dark Lord I’d rather he didn’t he’s
trying to bring him back through a computer can I use the computer
no okay or this is a bit weird better be honest um but there appears to be a
ghost problem deal or maybe not no hang on Oh
we good I wish wandering winded make a surprise return oh no I can pick it up I
found a little dose I guess yeah I needed anything a part of the
photographs but what do I do with you objective perhaps you can tell me I’d
bring it vector 102 no don’t blame a fun players looks like it’s missing some
parts the ornaments they’ll be looking for that doll is the owner in the Grand
Hall somewhere then if there is kiss heaven we haven’t met her okay no more
freak near nothing like that there’s no more curses around this era okay right
so let’s explore the rest of this sort of death there’s a rare pretty much ran
over to the gramophone or suffer here the instance okay nice little sitting
area I think the interns did the grunt around
here somewhere isn’t it okay what is it the mister is ready and read but in
Indonesian is look at the Kartini it’s better days this music again we’re
going here we can hello who there’s another part of gramophone isn’t it yes
it is yes the gramophone cone billion well there we go
I think we must given it a record tough I don’t think that’s it I will just put
that back in a moment yeah that’s where the entrance or the
mirror smash there’s a pretty cool sequence in the main game hang on it’s yeah it’s still missing one
perk okay is the mirror it’s good to know I can get out of here mmm that is
the door or hang on haha this is the waiting game which
probably means that the door not gonna be open but I’ve been wrong before no no no no don’t close this is it
we’re enter and there’s obviously a coast desert side can I use this door but
didn’t expected that close oh it’s one of you right yeah nothing with this one
let’s go outside I think the thing of this one of you remember I put over her
bag this is some standing on her bag there you go
didn’t get a good enough shot fairly easy as it goes go hang on right right
hang on I just go big wide open around so if we
can go surprise hang on hang on there you go right so this one girls
deal with it I don’t think it’s the vine goes I think there’s something to do
with a gramophone but I don’t know maybe wonder Kendall’s has gone so right so
this is how we enter a sim discipling a lot of heads rolling down the steps to
hit me this as far as we go so that’s it we’re pretty must explore
the Grand Hall I think a couple more doors stuff yeah bad Luck’s okay that
one too yeah okay that I’m not mistaken instead for the Grand Hall until we can
find all the gramophone farts alright so let’s see have we made any progress and
went to wait no one at all apparently not at all still to Kendall standing for
Bradley despite me taking care of the guy sitting at the computer and one we
have to put oh crap they’re back and I guess picking up the doll that I thought
may have contributed to a Kendall but now there’s still two gooses there I
guess okay that’s actually where I am gonna leave this video thank you very
much for watching part 4 of keepers of the dog next time we’re going to 106 the
haunted school see you then

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