Dumb Things In The Original Halloween We All Choose To Ignore

Though Halloween is renowned among horror
hounds, the film is not without its flaws, oddities, and strange leaps of logic. None of these examples can diminish the film’s
overall legacy, but let’s not pretend there aren’t some dumb things everyone ignores about
John Carpenter’s Halloween. Major horror films of the 1970s, like Carrie
and Last House on the Left, tended to cast 20-somethings in the roles of teens. In this respect, Halloween is no different,
but that doesn’t make the casting any less distracting. With the exception of Jamie Lee Curtis, who
was 19 at the time Halloween was released, the actors who played the teenagers were all
well into their twenties. P.J. Soles, the actress who plays Laurie’s
cheerleader friend Lynda, was 28 years old. Similarly, Laurie’s other friend Annie was
portrayed by 29-year-old Nancy Kyes. When all three girls are together on screen,
it’s incredibly awkward to watch two grown women pretend to be high school girls. When paired with Curtis, who is noticeably
younger than the other two actresses, the glaring age differences are impossible to
ignore. “I forgot my chemistry book.” “So who cares? I always forget my chemistry book, and my
math book, and my English book…” After Michael breaks out of Smith’s Grove
sanitarium at the beginning of the film, Dr. Loomis rightfully fears what Michael will
do with his newfound freedom. He takes his concerns to the police but is
promptly brushed off, leaving him to hunt Michael on his own. “Well, he was your patient, Doctor, if precautions
weren’t strong enough, you should’ve told somebody.” “I told everybody!” Suspecting Michael will return to his childhood
home, Loomis makes his way to Haddonfield. On his way, he stops at a payphone and by
pure circumstance, stumbles onto an abandoned car. While the camera pans to show the audience
the driver’s body lying nearby, Loomis is not privy to the murder. Nevertheless, the good doctor somehow surmises
that the abandoned car and a stray matchbook are solid proof that Michael Myers was there. What’s so bizarre about this scene isn’t just
the unlikely circumstances or Loomis’ apparent sixth sense, but the fact that he doesn’t
appear to report the crime at all. If Loomis is genuinely concerned about what
he found, why wouldn’t he call the police? If he had taken even a minute to look around
and not run off after finding a random matchbook on the ground, he would have seen the dead
body, and it would have likely forced the police to cooperate. While we don’t know much about the specific
events that triggered Loomis’ immense fear of Michael, it’s safe to say the doctor knows
far more about the killer’s violent tendencies than anyone else. After breaking out of confinement, stealing
a car, assaulting a woman, and killing an innocent man, you’d think anyone hunting Michael
would at least be cautious. Surprisingly, the hunt for Michael is incredibly
low-key. Loomis seeks out the help of Haddonfield’s
sheriff, Leigh Brackett, and the two hunt Michael alone. At some point, the sheriff suggests a full-blown
man-hunt, but Loomis tosses the idea aside for fear of causing a panic. “If you do that, they’ll see him on every
street corner, they’ll look for him in every house. Just tell your men to keep their mouths shut
and their eyes open.” Meanwhile, Michael is walking around, killing
teenagers and terrorizing Laurie. It seems hypocritical from Loomis of all people
to prefer discretion over action. At the beginning of the film, he was desperately
seeking police help, but when he finally gets it, he turns the offer down. If a full search was organized, maybe Laurie’s
friends wouldn’t have been butchered. When Annie and Laurie stumble onto a recently
robbed hardware store, Annie’s father tells them that someone has stolen a Halloween mask,
some knives, and rope. The robbery must have just happened, as the
alarm is blaring in the background, and a group of police officers are actively surveying
the scene. “What happened?” “Oh, uh, somebody broke into the hardware
store, probably kids.” Given the context, the film is hinting that
Michael is the one who stole the mask and the murder tools. In theory, that makes sense, but given the
fact that the girls had already encountered a masked Michael far before the robbery supposedly
occurred, he couldn’t have stolen the mask. The first time we see Michael after he escapes
from Smith’s Grove is when he waits outside of Laurie’s school, clearly already wearing
the mask. Hours later, when Laurie walks home with her
friends, the group encounters Michael twice. And right before Laurie goes out with Annie,
she spots him again outside of her window. All of these occurrences happen before Michael
supposedly robs the store, and yet in all of them, he’s wearing the mask. Unless he robbed another store and took another
identical mask for good measure, this timeline just doesn’t add up. Though it’s understandable that Laurie would
make some mistakes in a life or death situation, it’s less acceptable that she would make the
same mistake three times. When Michael surprises Laurie from inside
the Doyle house, she reflexively stabs the killer with a knitting needle. Michael falls to the ground, seemingly defeated. In typical horror fashion, however, he is
very much alive and pursues Laurie again shortly after. Again, Laurie attacks Michael, jabbing him
in the eye with a coat hanger and stabbing him with a knife. Michael is down once more, but instead of
checking to see if he’s done for good, Laurie makes the same mistake as before and just
assumes he’s dead. Not ready to call it quits, Michael gets right
back up. This time, Loomis takes the offensive and
shoots him, causing Michael to fall off of the balcony. Despite Laurie failing to kill Michael twice
before, she and Loomis decide it’s better to have a conversation, rather than check
to make sure the fall or the gunshots successfully killed Michael. “It was the boogeyman.” “As a matter of fact, it was.” By the time anyone bothers to look, he’s long
gone. If Loomis or Laurie had cared enough to check
Michael’s pulse, they wouldn’t have to worry about him continuing his killing spree. Then again, how else could we have had so
many Halloween sequels? Being a low budget independent film created
in a short period, Halloween naturally couldn’t avoid its fair share of little mistakes, ranging
from continuity errors to production goofs that eagle-eyed viewers may be able to catch. For example, a crew member is reflected in
the phone booth glass right before Loomis discovers the driver Michael killed on his
way to Haddonfield. Though it can be a bit hard to notice, you
can see Lynda stumble as she and Bob head upstairs in the Wallace house. Apparently, P.J. Soles didn’t just lose her
footing. The actress tripped over a dolly track. And when Annie is teasing Laurie about Michael
in front of the hedges, a puff of smoke is briefly caught on camera. According to John Carpenter, the smoke came
from his own cigarette. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 Replies to “Dumb Things In The Original Halloween We All Choose To Ignore”

  1. Loomis knows michael was at the scene of the red truck on the side of the road because michaels hospital clothes were there?? So loomis doesnt just assume it must of been michael, its obvious because michaels clothes are right there 😂😂

  2. and they didn't even mention the fact that she clearly sees him following her multiple times (even once outside her house) but apparently she didn't think that merited a call to the cops and, for some reason, didn't even believe the kid when he claims to have seen him

  3. The murders hadn't happened yet. The sheriffs had no idea of the severity of the situation yet. At that point they would have considered it under pending investigation. They didnt think it was a big deal, and really didn't want to bother, rather than blame Loomis. Laurie was scared shitless, and just wanted to run. In a situation like that, terrified, in shock, your not sticking around to make sure a killer wearing a Halloween mask who just killed all your friends you were just talking to, and posed them all around the house, is good and dead. Shes a high school girl, not Sarah Conner. Your points are dumb…

  4. If you think that Michael Myers didn't steal the mask from the shop, you clearly don't understand this film. Yes, we do see him sort of stalking Laurie before the robbery ever happened, but this is where the second viewing of the movie comes in. To understand the context, Michael's description is defined as The Shape. This description means that Michael Myers is both physical and metaphorical. Yes, that could imply that Laurie is hallucinating, but what she is really seeing before the robbery takes place is the personification of death itself. Yes, some of what we see in the original John Carpenter Halloween film should be taken at face value, but at the same time, John Carpenter's script has deeper meaning than what most viewers realize.

  5. So….what about the fact that Lorrie & Annie were smoking a fat doobie in the car with the windows up and Sheriff Bracket miraculously didn't notice the smell

  6. About the mask being stolen timeline back then the alarm could of been going on all night into the morning it wouldn't stop until the owner shuts it off. The night rider Michael is he could of took the mask n knifes during the night. My thoughts

  7. The “stray” matchbook is the same matchbook that Marion used to light her match in the car while Loomis was riding with her and he clearly looks at it when she uses it.

  8. Zero mention of how Bob was talking about taking Lindsey's clothes off. Ya know, the 10 year old girl Annie was babysitting.

  9. This was a reply to someone else, but I feel it needs to be its own comment.

    He very well could’ve robbed the hardware store earlier in the day. Up until the 2000s, there were still fire alarms that weren’t on a network and just made noise as a deterrent.

    Meaning that it could’ve been hours before anyone heard the alarm to call the police.

    The very next scene: Loomis in front of a sheriffs cruiser, talking to the police.
    This list is really stupid.

  11. The dumbest thing is The Sherrif never goes to get his daughter Annie when he is told there is a killer on the loose.

  12. How do we know the crime was never reported? It doesn't need to be fleshed out because it is not vital to the story that was told in the movie.
    And the 3 girls walking home from school and their age type is something that was a common practice in films during that time period that got even worse as the years went on. It never once bothered me about their age.
    But we gotta have that snappy daily content i know 😊

  13. He argues that Loomis doesn’t contact the cops immediately after but then the next clip is Loomis with sheriff bracket…

  14. It always frustrates me that it took her so long to break the glass door in the kitchen to escape. She spends what feels like an entire minute trying to twist a locked door knob on a glass door, then when he's five steps away she finally breaks the glass.

  15. Without the flaws…..there would literally be a 3 minute film with no story and no slayings which wouldn't really work for a film about people being slashed

  16. Ive been harping that mask robbery time frame for years and have been called an idiot by detractors, including my wife, who say "No, Michael wasn't the robber that's just coincidental" but if that's true: why steal a mask, knives and rope? Plus, as Loomis is talking to sheriff brackett in front of the store, Michael just drives by unnoticed, clearly being at the scene still

  17. Pretty sure the worst one was it was fall and all u see is green grass and no leafs on the ground . Lol some scenes u do tho. Apparently they used like one bag of leafs

  18. 1:40 um, he didn't just find a random ass matchbook, it was the same one that the nurse he was literally driving with at the beginning had, and although yeah I'm sure other people could buy those too, but those white pecies of cloth loomis found are literally the robes that michael was wearing when he was at the smiths grove sanitarium, so duh, of course he knows its michael.

  19. You can also see a local citizen stand up on the porch looking over the hedge as the two girls walk away from the puff of smoke scene. If you forget about Halloween 2, you do have to ask why Michael decided to pick Laurie and the girls to stalk.

  20. This is my favorite horror movie of all time. However, one goof in my opinion stands out more then all of these. Michael is oviously incredibly strong. When Laurie is hiding in the closet , why didn't Michael rip that closet off the hinges. I could have pull that thing off the track.

  21. Have you ever seen the “The Original” ? I mean , before the name of the movie was HALLOWEEN?? Please, look it up.. a lil research never hurts, and it will answer questions put forth here. Good day.

  22. When loomis calls on the phonebooth at the car of the mechanist, I always thought he already found that car, thats why he calls to warn the people, when he then calls to tell he is coming, and then goes to check the car out before leaving again, to do a quick check if its really possible its michael. And since marion ahd that matchcase, off course it doesnt explain why its on the ground at another car.. But i guess Loomis figures because of the asylum clothing its Michaels doing.. So it really didnt feel like a "Mistake" to me 🙂

  23. I don't know if I agree with everything. I knew the actresses where in their 20's but they looked young enough and did well that I didn't realize they were nearly 30 years old.

    And while Loomis wasn't seen reporting every or any particular incident I would say for a movie it wasn't necessary to go into that much detail. Missing clues things going unreported for whatever reason are realistic things.

    Not to say these things are being complained about but generally speaking some nitpick movies looking for them to be perfect but life isn't perfect. And that's what makes these fictional stories even somewhat realistic as they aren't polished to perfection as to what should happen in any given situation. If I had a dollar for everything I've seen that people should do in a situation and don't I'd be rich lol.

  24. Who cares about the girls ages. For the other two girls that were older they looked really good for their age to pass for teenagers. I mean come on who wouldn't want to look younger than they are 😉

  25. My favorite subtle problem is when Loomis discovers the pickup you can see mountains in the background…in Illinois? Then you can see a palm tree in an early neighborhood shot. Just fun things that don't detract from the movie.

  26. Looper not having a clue about things yet again. The match book isn’t random. Loomis has worked with Micheal from him being a young child, he knows everything about him, inside and out. When he saw the abandoned car, he found Michaels whites from the hospital, he’s put 2 and 2 together as the car is abandoned with the door open, it’s obvious what Michal has done. Can you not look into the films that you are making content about, just makes you guys look daft to be honest.

  27. This is precisely how (and where) Hwesn loses some points with me. The teenage behavior is annoying, and it just doesn’t seem “real.” Still, there’s no denying that it’s a tried and true horror classic, and it perennially ranks in my Top 10, albeit usually 8 or 9. I actually prefer it’s progenitor, 1974’s Black Christmas better. Because another stupid thing we have to buy about Halloween is that the killer stalks at the pace of an average 80 year old woman. Same thing with Jason, by and large. Watch Billy in BC. That sucker hauls ass!!

  28. It's possible that alarm had been going off for hours. I always thought that maybe the store owner showed up much later, reported the break in and called cops. In a smaller town, most shops open later in the day.

  29. The matchbook in the truck wasn't random. It was the matches the nurse had in the car when Loomis and her were parked at the hospital . So its showing Michaek stole the nurses matches while he was escaping in her car at hospital.

  30. I disagree about the ages. To me, Jamie Lee looked AND acted older than her compatriots. I think they pulled it off just fine, and I had NEVER even thought of their ages as having any bearing on my enjoyment of the film whatsoever. So this is artificial BS.

  31. I think that Michael stole the mask, but the store owner or worker could've got there later in the day and called the police

  32. This list is absolutely rubbish.

    1. A vast majority of films and tv shows have always had 20+ year olds play teenagers. That’s not even a glaring issue. Also Jamie Lee didn’t look that much younger than pj and Nancy. It wasn’t a glaringly obvious issue or “distracting” at all.

    2. This one is the absolute worst. You say he brings his concerns to the “police” but is brushed off, then you show him talking to Dr Wynn at Smiths Grove Sanatorium…

    “Somehow surmises that the abandoned car and stray matchbook are solid proof Micheal was there” Ummm gee maybe also the hospital gown that you failed to mention but even showed Loomis finding it in the clip, also the “stray matchbook” is the exact same as the one Nurse Marion was using in the car that was stolen by Micheal. Also he was just on the phone with the police, and warned them that Micheal was coming to Haddonfield, just finding evidence Micheal was there isn’t enough to call the police again since once again Loomis knows where Micheal is headed and knows they still won’t believe them.

    3. Loomis doesn’t want to create a panic in Haddonfield, and so far Brackett is just entertaining Loomis but hasn’t seen enough evidence to believe Micheal is even in Haddonfield besides a dead dog at the Myers house, so definitely not enough to warrant a manhunt for a person in an area 250 miles away from where he was last seen.

    4. This is the only fair one. But also it’s just implied it was Micheal that busted in and stole the stuff, but it’s never stated specifically that it was him. Now I have no doubt in my mind it was intended to have been Micheal that broke in and they just kinda fudged up the timeline a little, but again, it’s not that big of a deal and not that noticeable until it’s pointed out.

    4. Laurie is in shock. She just found her friends murdered and was almost just murdered herself. The first “didn’t know he was still alive” is completely acceptable. The second, well again she’s in shock and had just stabbed this man in the neck, jabbed an eye and stabbed him with a kitchen knife in the sternum and he laid on the ground not moving even as she walked passed him. Again perfectly acceptable for her to think that know he’s dead or at least unconscious due to the severity of the injuries she’s inflicted. “Her and Loomis decide to have a conversation” are you kidding me? Laurie is absolutely shook to her core and just witnessed Micheal get shot 6 times at close range and fall 20 feet. Any normal human being would be dead at that point. And all she does is ask a single question. And Loomis was rightfully answering and seeing if she was ok, before looking to where Micheals dead body should’ve been. Even if they decided to go make sure he was dead. They still would’ve had to walk down the stairs and he would’ve been gone by the time they got there

    5. A majority of these are unnoticeable and PJ stumbling over the camera track just added more to the scene because she had been drinking at that point.

    Whoever wrote the script for this, obviously has only seen the movie once and googled “mistakes from Halloween” to make this video.

  33. the one flaw that always got me was, how the hell did Michael learn how to drive, since he was a child when he was committed!!

  34. The fact that he wasn't dead, and u still think it was dumb they didn't check his pulse. And if u stab someone in the neck, and again in a random spot and he gets back up twice as if nothing happened, r u really gonna stick around or get the fuck outta dodge! Lolz

  35. In the playground, the bully boys run off in different directions.
    One small lad then runs straight into Michael !
    Watch carefully !

  36. How far do they travel in car to babysit ?
    It is now dark , so quite some journey right ?

    Michael's house as a child is just over the road from where the babysitters are babysitting, because the stolen Dr Loomis car that Michael drives is parked up just across the road, so isn't this walking distance ?

  37. Congrats on your list for the sake of a list. Other than the timing of the mask theft, everything you said was either stupid, inaccurate, or has already been pointed out for 4 decades.

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