Dye Leather or Vinyl Upholstery with Rub ‘n Restore®

Rub ‘n Restore® is a professional grade
waterborne system that allows you to recolor leather and vinyl with a sponge. Here’s how easy it is. You’ll need any
all-purpose household cleaner like 409® or Greenworks®, a spray bottle of water,
gloves, a household sponge (not a sponge brush!) rags or paper towels, and a hair dryer. We’ve laid out a drop cloth to protect our working area. This is an old leather sofa
cushion. Wipe the surface with any all-purpose cleaner like 409® to remove loose dirt and grease. Don’t be afraid to really clean that leather. OK, it’s time to dye! Thoroughly shake the color until evenly dispersed, usually a full two minutes. Choose an inconspicuous area to test the
color. Allow it to completely dry, as the color will darken. You should also wear gloves to protect that manicure, and use masking tape to protect areas you do not want to color. Be sure to dress in clothing that is appropriate to this project. OK, dampen your sponge so that it does
not drip water when squeezed. Let’s begin by pouring a small amount of Rub ‘n Restore® directly onto the surface or your sponge. Spread it evenly across the surface, and continue to massage into cracks, wrinkles, or porous areas. Do not apply Rub ‘n Restore® in direct sunlight or on a very hot surface. Spray water can be used to cool surfaces before application if heat is an issue. Moistening the surface will also extend the working time of the dye. Also use the spray water to keep your sponge moist. If the dye looks streaky, spritz a little water directly onto your surface as you work. Add more coats of Rub ‘n Restore® until
faded or stained areas are concealed. One coat of color will be more
transparent and may suffice. More layers of color provide a darker, richer tone. Multiple coats will be required to completely change the color of the surface. OK, let’s use the hair dryer now. Clear Glosser is a wonderful topcoat. Apply it exactly the same way as the color. It adds luster and deepens the
color and provides an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. It also makes an excellent base coat if you want to begin with it. For the purposes of demonstration, we’re only doing one coat on this sofa. Additional coats would be required to get complete coverage. Cleanup is gonna be easy. Rub ‘n Restore® is water-based and wipes off with cleaner from non-permeable surfaces. Avoid spilling it on carpets or fabric. You want to use the hair dryer to finish up. Your project is ready for use as soon as
Rub ‘n Restore® is completely dry. It will not rub off on clothing. It cures
to its full strength and 48 hours. We’ve been restoring leather and vinyl this
way since 1986. Have fun, and enjoy what you can do!

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  1. A new site is being built for Rub 'n Restore, but it can still be purchased on the Vinyl Ladies' website under "Products" or "Buy" using PayPal. You can also mail a check.

  2. The color used on this sofa is called "walnut" and is like a milk chocolate. We also offer "espresso" which is like a dark chocolate.

  3. How can i tell what color is best match to my couch? im still confused if camel or beige is the best match.. aww! please help!

  4. Great question! Soon we'll put comparison photos on the website. I can email these pictures to you if you email me first at [email protected] In the meantime I can tell you that camel is much darker and more oxide yellow than the beige. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  5. I'm glad I came across this video. A full sized leather couch (fits three people) was actually given to me! The discolored spots are a bit disturbing, though… The man had it for a LONG time apparently. I'll see if I can post a video/pictures and link you guys to it for review.

    Question: Will an 8 oz. of black be enough for the couch?

  6. Cont… Forgot to mention. It's a dark brown color right now, but the two spots that are discolored look like a light beige color. I was hoping 8 oz. of black Rub 'n Restore will do the trick.

  7. It'll be tight with 8 oz. The larger 16 oz. bottle is a better value, and costs about the same to ship. You are doing a color change. Any excess can be used for touch-ups or to match other pieces (like an ottoman). Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Mark! The website is the same name as the product (YouTube only allows us to mention it in the video description, not here in comments). You can email photos to us directly, and we'd love to post them on the website as well as our Facebook page.

  9. Have a question: Do I use a leather conditioner to get rid of the leather crack in my leather couch or is there a separate chemical used to fix leather crack and cat scratch? I have a beige color leather couch. Thanks. 

  10. Thank you! Loved your video. Was so cute! Will look up your site as I have quite a number of leather restoring to do and have just been using a conditioner.

  11. We just used rub & restore and stand amazed at the difference. The product has only been on for a few hours and we can't believe how great it looks!

  12. I have been looking for a color to match the leather in my BMW with no luck. I tried using several of the mix your own color kits and the paint was terrible it just peeled off. I tried just using touch up paint that looked similar, and while it didn't peel the color just wasn't close enough. Finally I decide to Try Rub'n Restore, and sent in my armrest. I got the color and analysis and did a custom mix paint, Simply amazing!! I was hesitant but Im glad I used Rub'n Restore! I know i sound like a commercial but seriously thats how great the service and product is.

  13. I have a very sun faded dark brown leather sectional. I would like to restore it, but some areas are very faded and some dark. So, how do I apply dye when the color is uneven. And how do I know how much product to buy?

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