100 Replies to “E85 How to Make Chengdu Tempura with a Chinese Musical Instrument | Ms Yeah”

  1. First: Watch doreamon
    Secand: Attend meeting
    Third: Cook a traditional dish in a traditional instrument while others are watching

  2. They have such a nice job just watching YouTube and getting paid and plus they can eat whatever and cook wow i dont work but this seems like the best job ever lol

  3. me: oooooh this looks good i will try it
    video:do not do this at home
    also me:ok ill try this in my office too
    boss:what are you doing

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  7. Hola Ms Yeah hablo Español y soy de México
    Hi Ms yeah I speak Spanish and I am from Mexico toy using translator because I am Mexican and if I fail English it is because I am the future of Mexico not of the United States 🙂

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