Easily Restore Your Headlights! | 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse | Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys, welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today, we have a quick tip on how to get your
headlights looking right. This is a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, you probably
recognize where it is from but the headlights have oxidized and the clear coat is failing
so we are going to bring back that shine and clarity by polishing it. We don’t have a lot of time, we are going
to be using Headlight Restorer Polish. This is a one step polish that simple breaks
down the layer of oxidation to reveal fresh plastic which shows off the clarity. We are going to use a drill to save some time. I’ve already washed the car and I’ll clean
up the headlight again using some quick detail spray. Using some Hybrid V7 Quick Detail Spray which
is one of my favorite quick detailers. Wiping off the headlight to remove the particles
of dirt or anything else that could affect the polishing process. We are also going to tape off around the headlight
to prevent damaging the paint and rubber around the headlight. Now that
the headlight has been masked off, this is going to protect the surrounding area. Lets get the drill which I have already attached
a three inch rotary backing plate with the Good Screw Adapter. Using Headlight Restorer Polish, shake it
up as always. Since we are working on a small area we are
only going to use three drops. We will work it until it has gone translucent
or basically clear then buff it off to check our work. Blotch it out as if we were polishing paint
and on the lowest speed setting or as slow as we can get this to spin we will spread
this out. Then on the highest speed setting we can break
down the polish. Well guys after taking the tape off and wiping
away the excess we can see that in just one step the headlight looks great. I’ve removed the light layer of oxidation
as well as the failing clear coat. Now you can see it has a factory finish. To check out this product for yourself head
over to our website. If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up. We’ll see you next time right here in the
Detail Garage.

23 Replies to “Easily Restore Your Headlights! | 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse | Chemical Guys Car Care”

  1. I need this my clear coat on the headlight is starting to fail and this thing brought the shine back to oem in the video -any discounts Ima buy tons of car care equipment

  2. Amateur question for you….because it was a small surface area why didn't you use a smaller pad?  Just curious….or perhaps I'm just an idiot…lol   thank you  (Mike in Ohio)

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