Eco-Sinner 1931 Ford Model A Coupe – Hot Rod Reunion

I think Ford is the way to go. Brad Outlaw out of central Mississippi, Flowood,
Mississippi. Been a Ford guy my whole life, first built
the car, it had a 390 in it, and I managed to find a side oiler and so I changed the
engine out. I always liked the FAEs, they’re a little
difficult to work on and it’s old school stuff but I think Ford is the way to go. 76′ 427 side oiler and I just put a set of
heads on it, put some VBM heads on there and just a couple of weeks ago, started out as
an engine paint job just to make the engine look a little bit better, ended up putting
a set of heads on it, you know how the whole hot rod thing is. Oh yeah. You just keep going. Got a five-speed transmission behind it, it’s
got 8500 miles on it, I’ve been cruising the coast, you know we drive it a lot, we sure
do. It runs cool, the radiator is in the back,
it doesn’t get hot, the longer it idles, the cooler it gets. I have a son in the military right now, he
just got back from Iraq, but I built this car eight years ago. You know everybody tries to put their own
touch on the car and so I like rivets, not pop rivets, real rivets that you have to shoot
and buck with a bucket bar and that kind of thing. I was an aviation mechanic my whole life and
so I kind of like the military look and the autograph colors, greens and that kind of
thing, rivets and aircraft hardware. I’m proud of it and I’ve kept this for more
than I’ve kept any other car, I built this and it’s been a fun car. Bowling Green is an awesome place, the Holley
thing up here is just the best show ever, I love it, I really do.

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